Why do our pets like us so much?

How many times do we hear….my dog is my best friend, or I could never live without my cat.  That is until they become too old, or pee on your brand new rug.  We love with all of our hearts until it becomes an inconvenience. We get tired of emptying the litter box, or maybe it smells too much.  Our poo smells too, but we don’t get sent to the gas chamber for it. In fact how many times does our cat enter the bathroom while we’re dumping a big load?  They don’t care how bad the smell is, they don’t care that the big cheeseburger with extra onion we ate the night before could strip the paint off the walls, they just come for a little lovin. 

What about the shedding? We love how beautiful their coats are…until we have to vacuum it off the furniture. How irritating that they have absolutely no control over how much fur they lose at any given time. It’s a good thing we don’t hold our husbands up to these same standards.  Where does ALL of their hair go? One year they have a head full… the next year their head looks like a billiard ball.  Maybe we don’t notice it embedded in our furniture fibers…but trust me, it’s there.  Do we throw them out the back door and never let em back in?  NO!  OK… maybe we do, but it’s for other reasons, such as not taking the trash out.

Sometimes they eat us out of house and home and we just can’t afford it anymore.  Yep, feeding an animal can be expensive.  About as expensive as all of those “Starbuck double espresso extra foam please latte‘s” we like to buy.  How much are they now…$4 or $5 bucks a shot?  Here’s a crazy thought, let’s cut back to ohhhh I don’t know…maybe five or six a week.  And who knows…maybe we’ll quit shaking like some quivering crack addict looking for his next score.

Maybe we’re just tired of them.  We thought we wanted a big dog that can run alongside us while we roller blade five or six miles a day.  That is until we realized we really don’t like rollerblading very much, it’s not what we thought it was, it’s just too much work.  And we don’t  like wearing the helmets because it mashes our hair down. So now we have an oversized dog in a tiny cramped apartment and it’s just not working out.  A much smaller dog will do much better. I’ll keep this one, I just know I will.  That is until he pees on our rug because they have tiny little puppy bladders, and can’t hold it in for over 9 or 10 hours at a time.  The happy hour after work is a complete must, and there is just no way we can make it home any sooner.  So……I’ll just get rid of the little dog and get me a nice cat.  Until…….

Well, you get the picture, we are a throw away society that throws away our pets as easily as throwing away an empty Starbuck double espresso extra foam latte cup.  We turn our heads quickly as we drop them off at the  nearest shelter, not even noticing the look of confusion, and fear in their eyes. How they shake uncontrollably because their instincts tell them they are in a world of hurt. 

We don’t have time to worry about that, we have to get to the pet shop and pick out our next pet.  I just know I’ll love this one…


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