My friend Jared recently had this creepy experience :

I took a break and was walking Dexter when this creepy black van approached. The guy (who looks like Charles Manson’s older brother Bobby) leans his head out and says: Hey, where did you get that dog? That’s my dog! COME HERE BUCK! Hey Buck, come here  

He then barks at me: WHERE DID YOU GET THAT DOG? I said: I got him last year from a rescue in Indianapolis. You kinda need to back off man. He says: That’s my dog! Wherever you got it from they stole it from me! That’s my dog, I can… recognize her anywhere!

I then picked Dexter up showed him that Dexter was a BOY. He said: Oh, okay, yeah, that’s not my dog. I told him to get the hell out of here. Then he did.

I haven’t come that close to going off on somebody in a LONG time. Creepy.


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