The saving of “little brown dog”

Every once in a while I have to ask myself….why do people do horrible things to helpless animals. I never find an answer, and I’m sure I probably never will. It’s gone on for centuries, ever since we realized we held dominance over the rest of the Animal Kingdom. This particular heart-breaking story involves a man from Knoxville Tennessee dragging his little terrier behind his truck. We don’t know why he did this, but after driving for several miles, dragging this poor dog behind a speeding truck, he suddenly stopped, leaving his truck only to begin swearing at several people who were trying to get him to release the dog. He wasn’t about to let the concerned witnesses help in any way, so he threw the dog back into his truck and drove off. Fortunately for “little brown dog,” he was later found on the side of the road. After being delivered to some caring veterinarians, his new journey began,  and the rest his history….

Please watch the video and see what became of the “little brown dog”


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