No, it’s not funny to give your dog Marijuana

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We all like to treat our dogs like humans. And yes…sometimes it can be really entertaining.  However, it’s not entertaining to endanger, or shorten your dog’s life because we give them things we shouldn’t.  And no…dogs don’t like to get high or drunk (as far as I know) 

Raisins, Grapes and Plums

Raisins are the most potent to your pet, highly concentrated and the toxins within these fruits can cause renal failure, diarrhea, and lethargy. In other words, they can make your pet really really gassy, which is bad news for anybody sitting downwind. I don’t know about your dog, but my dog is afraid of his own gas, so you might want to add fear of farts to the symptoms.


Ever since I was a child I have heard chocolate is bad for pets. I always assumed it was an “old wives tale.”  Well, guess what… it’s true. Chocolate contains theobromine, a chemical that can cause an abnormal increase in the heart rate. It aint puppy love we’re talking about.  Our beloved chocolate can also cause diarrhea, hyperactivity (in some breeds, that might be hard to monitor) vomiting, increased thirst, and unfortunately for some…an untimely death. The symptoms can occur over time.  If you want to show some lovin to your pet, a nice wholesome doggy treat appears to be the way to go.

Coffee and tea

“Coffee..tea…or me” It all sounds real nice in a movie about lively stewardesses, and their lusty lives, but for dogs, it means more vomiting, tremors, fever, irregular heartbeats, and coma. Not to mention it stains their canine teeth.

Onions, Garlic, Chives

First of all, who on earth would even give their pets these things?  But after pondering, it only takes a very small amount to give our pets gastrointestinal tract irritation, or damaged red blood cells. Eaten in raw, dried, cooked or dehydrated form can be disastrous for you dog.  And let’s face it, isn’t our dog’s breath stinky enough…seriously….right?

Macadamia Nuts

Nuts contain persin, an ingredient that can cause vomiting, tremors, depression and even hyperthermia. And they taste really gross.


Other than the fact wild mushrooms can make a dog think he’s entered “Alice in Wonderland.” (And who hasn’t wanted to live in Alice Land at least once?) Mushrooms can cause kidney or liver damage, convulsions, vomiting and of course…diarrhea (please note how “diarrhea” seems to be a re-occurring theme)

Yeast dough

I don’t know why a dog would ever like to eat yeast dough, but here it is…it can cause a gas buildup in the gastrointestinal tract that results in expanding and probably bursting of stomach and intestines. So don’t give your dog any crappy yeast dough.


What frat party hasn’t attempted to give the “frat dog” beer. Well…don’t do it frat heads. It causes difficulties in breathing, damages the central nervous system, or can even result in a coma.

Sugar Free Gum

9 out of 10 doggie dentist may recommend it, but gum can cause liver damage, or failure that result in the death of your dog.  Artificial sweetener like xylitol is contained in gums, causing a sudden drop in blood sugar, leading to an emergency situation.

Cooked Bones

This is a tough one.  Sarge loves his bones, and I hate depriving him of a natural instinct. Sometimes pet owners have to do what is right, and not “what feels right.” Unless you want that bone to lodge in his throat, or block parts of his intestine, just throw that bone in the garbage disposal and watch it jam up those blades.   Fun times.


Marijuana use by dogs can cause excessive doggy trips to the 7-Eleven. Pet imbibing can reduce your frolicking lovable galoot to a blob that sits on the couch, watching too many episodes of the “Dog Whisperer.” Ok, do we really have to put this one on the list? Marijuana use in dogs causes anxiety, excessive panting, and agitation, along with drooling, vomiting and diarrhea.


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