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Ok, I’ll say it.  I could give two s….. about their upcoming nuptials. They’ve been living together how long? I didn’t think Prince’s were allowed to do that. I thought they were only supposed to ride big white horses and rescue damsels in distress, held captive in other castles and expected to marry the evil Prince. Or kissing a “Sleeping Beauty” that was placed under a spell by the wicked fairy when she was overlooked by the Princess’s christening ceremony. She placed a spell  so the Princess would prick her finger after  reaching adulthood on a spindle and then die. And then the Princess’s Daddy, otherwise known as the King, would forbid all spinning in the castle to protect his daughter (The Princess) But… to no avail because when the Princess turned 16 she came across an old spinster that didn’t follow the rules and  allowed the naive Princess to spin…and we all know what happened. She pricked her finger and died. Evidently, Princesses die easily from splinters. Anyway, the good fairy returns (Not to be confused with Dorothy’s good fairy) and puts the entire castle to sleep. And they  sleep for 100 years….until a brave Prince who had learned the story about the Princess braved the woods and found the Princess, where he…..blah blah blah. We all know the rest of the story.  Now that’s a Prince! Rescuing damsels, riding white horses and saving the Kingdom.

So…the question becomes what good are they in modern-day times? If you need to rescue a damsel, just send in the military and wipe the entire village out.  No need to do it on a horse.  Nowadays they marry per the wishes of the Queen, and then have an affair with their old lover who kind of “looks” like a horse (Everybody knows I’m talking about Prince Charles and Camilla), while Prince William shacks up with his woman, until they get around to having a royal wedding.  So now everybody’s like….”OMG Price William and Kate are finally getting married OMG!!! ” Am I missing something here? I just don’t see what the big deal is?

While we are on the subject of WTH? Why am I supposed to curtsey before the royal family? It’s not like they have actually “done” anything to be able to live in a really cool castle and wear gaudy jewelery. It just so happens they’ve been born into the “bloodline.” Bowing before anybody that hasn’t outwardly earned the right to live in castles is UN-AMERICAN. In this country you have to actually “DO” something in order to be thought of as something special. Like make great movies, or maybe travel around the country condemning the opposing political party for their mediocre ideas when you don’t have any good ones of your own. In America anybody can have the”dream.” The dream of living in a castle and wearing gaudy jewelery.

The monarch is in theory supreme governor of each of the commonwealth realms, charged with issuing executive orders, commanding the military forces, along with creating and administrating laws. However, each country now operates under the Westminster System of parliamentary democracy and the concept of responsible government,meaning that the monarch only exercises her powers on on the advice of her Crown ministers who are usually drawn from, and thus responsible to the elected lower house of the relevant parliament. (I so had to look all of that up. See wiki)

  So, you ask….what the hell does that mean?  I know! I don’t know either!  If we  aren’t even sure what the role of the monarch is during our modern times, than what are they still doing living in castles and wearing crowns? I mean seriously…can’t they get a day job?


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