Second dogs first smile. Happy Pit Bull.

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We’ve always known it …We’ve always known our beloved dogs are healers. Maybe not the religious kind, but healers none-the-less.

David Sharpe is a prime example of a weary soldier returning home but not able to find his life. His life is somehow different and he doesn’t understand the lives of his friends or family because he is still living part of his past.  He doesn’t want to talk to the Doctors because they weren’t there. He can’t talk to his friends and family because he thinks he must play the returning war hero, too strong to ask for help. His outbursts are more frequent, and now his friends have refused to go out with him anymore. He looks to fight anybody that happens to stare at him a bit too long, and now he feels even more alone.

Thankfully one friend suggested he adopt a Pit Bull to help deal with his ongoing problems, and it was a match made in heaven. David thought he was adopting a tough as nails dog that could mirror his tough guy image…but what he found was a gentle soul that helped get his life back. It wasn’t something that happened overnight, it happened gradually as she watched him punch holes in the walls and kick the refrigerator door. She didn’t judge him or shy away from him, she simply gave him a look of pure unconditional love each time he felt he was returning to the horrors of his past. The patience and love she has shown him inspired him to start his own non-profit organization that places returning soldiers with rescue dogs.  It’s called Pets2Vets and it’s an amazing program that gives a soldier a chance to heal, and a rescue dog a chance to save


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  1. I was trying to understand this article when I was awaiting at the airport. It really gave me some good ideas.

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