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Ok, I really wasn’t going to do it. Seriously…I had told myself I would NOT allow myself to post about Sarah Palin. Everything else is pretty much on the table….but nope, not Sarah. 

Ok here we go, my post about Sarah aka “Mama Grizzly”, “Barracuda, “That Alaskan Woman”, “Failin Sarah”, “Pistol Sarah.” Oh wait, that’s not her name, it’s Bristol’s nickname, “Pistol Bristol.” Nicknames must be huge in Alaska. Todd’s nickname is “first dude.”  I wonder if his nickname was changed after Sarah quit as Governor…to “Quitter Wife’s Husband?”

Ok, so let’s talk about Sarah’s accomplishments, and I will be the first to admit she has them. She was co-captain of her high school basket ball team and they did win the state championship that year. However, I’m not really sure how much basketball they play in Alaska  based on her reality show. According to her show, people don’t play basketball, they whack big fish, shoot clay pigeons, fish alongside bears, climb mountains, and cook dinner.

She also won the Miss Wasilla Pageant because she was pretty and played the flute. I’m just guessing but I don’t imagine they had a question and answer segment.

She attended four different colleges including Matanuska Susitna College and received a degree in Journalism in 1987. I will be the first to admit I don’t care how many colleges you attend, it’s an achievement.  See…I can be nice.

She became Mayor of Wasilla after beating the incumbent 651 to 440 votes.  Yes, you read that right. There were a little over 1000 votes cast.  During her first term, she prevented Department Heads from speaking to the press before getting approval from Mama Grizzly, she cut property taxes by 75% and eliminated personal property tax and inventory taxes while procuring municipal bonds to make road and sewer improvements along with a nice bike path.  Sounds nice doesn’t it? Lowering taxes and still building things.

She was re-elected for a second term with an overwhelming majority vote of 992 votes to 292. OK, here’s where it gets good…during her tenure the city’s long-term debt grew from about 1 million dollars to 25 million dollars, due to a 15 million dollar complex a city of 1000 desperately needed. That’s what I call hunkering down and being fiscally responsible. Oh yeah and the gun-toting mom of four also hired an Anchorage based lobbying firm to lobby for…..wait a minute….I almost feel like I need a drum roll here (please insert one in your head)….so they could lobby “Washington” for federal funds. Yes, you heard it right, the “don’t retreat, reload” hater of Washington asked for and received nearly 8 million dollars in earmarks for a town of  about ummm 1000.

In 2004 she decided against running for Senator based on the wishes of her teenage son. She told the Anchorage Daily News “How could I be a team mom if I was Senator?” Hmmmmm I don’t know…let’s see… how are you handling flying around the country, hosting fox news shows, book signings and tea party rally’s while raising the rest of your kids? How many times have we read stories about parents of special needs children, and the overwhelming amount of time it takes to to handle various issues, but somehow Mama Grizzly is able to do all of the above and still be home to cook dinner by 5:00. (Yes, that’s what she would like you to believe) 

She did do some cool things like refuse a pay raise and chose not to use the former Governor’s private chef.  Along the way there were some disagreements about what should be counted as “per diem” and travel expenses.  Let’s move on to the good stuff.  This is where the dichotomy of Sarah Palin gets really really good.

In 2006 Palin ran for Governor as the “build the bridge” plank platform, saying she would not allow the spinmeisters (another Palinism, isn’t it cute?) to turn this project into something negative, because we all know a 442 million dollar earmark for a bridge that was to be built to connect to a town of 50 is a must have. Kind’ve like the Ronco Chop-o-matic, but the Chop-o-matic only cost about $19.99 plus shipping. So…Mama grizzly canceled the “bridge to nowhere” in 2007 stating congress had little interest in spending anymore money due to what she portrayed as “inaccurate portrayals of the project.”  But she kept the earmark.  Aint that a beauty?

So now the voice of the Tea Party is against any government spending and fiscal responsibility, although she ran up the long-term debt on a town of 1000 to 25 million dollars and decided to keep the 442 million dollar earmark awarded to her state for a project that to this day is known as the “epitome of wasteful spending.”

For the 2009 budget, Palin gave the infamous Senator Ted Stevens a list of nearly 31 projects for a total of 197 million. So…the leader of the Tea Party and hater of Washington wanted nearly 200 million for her state in 2009.  Are you starting to get the picture?  Could this be why “quitter Palin” decided to resign as Governor before the completion of her first term? We heard the blah blah blah from her about ethic complaints and not wasting tax payers money on a lame duck Governor, the more likely reason is while claiming to be a Washington hater, she played the game as Governor and asked for federal earmarks.  If she would have continued as Governor when her book was launched, it may have sounded somewhat contradictory to be both a “rogue” and “a Governor who lobbied for earmarks while pretending she hated them.”

Mama Grizzly hates the media, but uses it to promote her book and Pistol Bristol on Dancing with the Stars, along with her countless interviews and her brand new reality TV show. She hates Washington but hired a lobbying firm to lobby the sleazy SOB’s. What’s her secret? How does she get away with this?

I know….I don’t know either, but she can see Russia from her house.


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  1. Maybe $arh is a hypocrite? maybe a tap dancing vaudeville act doing the hoochy koochy for a buck????????/ HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

    Maybe SHE has that rat-like cunning but tales the rest of us for idiots?

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