How nice, Michael Dick…uhh I mean “Vick”  was named TOP DOG in the Philadelphia Daily News. Only in professional sports can somebody be greeted with a standing ovation just because he completed his prison term, and is now deemed rehabilitated. I mean let’s face it, the NFL will let anybody back into their league regardless of the offense, as long they can make owners millions of dollars. Some (those that were high on crack) questioned whether any team would sign Dick…uhh I mean Vick, and risk public scrutiny for taking on a convicted dog killer. It was quite simple to me….of course they would, they are the NFL. 
The real story about the rescued Pit Bulls is the Federal Judge giving them a last-minute reprieve when he decided against euthanizing the dogs, and insisted they be transported to Best Friends Animal Sanctuary for real rehabilitation.

It is believed Cherry served as a bait dog. Bait dogs are used as training tools for the fighting dogs as they are tethered defenseless while the seasoned attack dogs are released on them. The only way they could transport Cherry was by carrying her, or allowing her to crawl along on her belly, because every noise and movement sent her cowering into the nearest corner. Her handler spent hours a day sitting in her kennel waiting for Cherry to slowly begin to trust in her. This ritual continued over and over for months, until one day Cherry sat within a few feet of her handler, and lightly touched the handlers leg with her nose. 

 Other dogs at the Vick compound were hanged, electrocuted, drowned or even worse. According to Vick’s court transcript, he acknowledged participating in slamming a dog to the ground repeatedly because the dog didn’t show “game.” Even Vick’s own family pets were thrown into the ring to fight against seasoned dogs.  These were cold, calculated acts that continued for years, and I’m sure we will never know everything that took place on Vick’s property.

The heroes and true rehabilitated ones are the Pit Bulls that knew only sadistic torture from human hands, but have learned to trust human contact again thanks to dedicated animal lovers refusing to give up on them. It was dangerous at times because some of these dogs became aggressive to humans. But it was these heroes that showed great compassion and took the necessary risks to save the lives of these forgotten animals.

There is a story of redemption here, but it’s not with Michael Vick, he made choices that determined his fate. The Vick dogs are the true redemptive ones. They overcame abuse at the hands of monsters and when given the “chance” learned to trust in the very species that inflicted such pain. Not only did they learn to trust, but many have become service dogs for the elderly and handicapped.  Now…that is a true story of redemption.


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  1. I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful …

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