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Image by Lucky Dog Animal Rescue via Flickr

Put a “FREE” sign out front on Black Friday and they will come. It’s genius….pure genius.

A line stretched out the door at the Animal Friends Humane Shelter in Hamilton, Ohio. People stood in line waiting to adopt a black dog or cat for free because….it was Black Friday. Adopting a lovable pet is way better than standing in line for the new Snuggle blanket or Nintendo Wii. A pet will snuggle back and actually plays with us without the need for batteries or an AC outlet.  And the best thing assembly required.

Lucy the black dog was adopted on the infamous “Black Holiday” after spending nearly a year in the shelter. She was adopted by the Hardisons, who had already recently adopted another pet. See…I told you it was pure genius.

The Hardison’s daughter had begged her parents into getting another pet because it was Black Friday, and they were free. (Please…please…please let’s make sure it’s not the only reason we decide to adopt a pet)

Black dogs and cats are the hardest pets to find homes for, and this simply gave people the incentive to give these animals a second look.  All other cats and dogs were half off. The program was a huge success and hopefully other shelters will take the initiative next year and begin a new fun tradition.


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