Marine K9 Lex retirement, welcome home, Dec 21...

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A retired military service dog is getting a new lease on life thanks to Georgetown Veterinarian Dr. Lee Morgan.

Lex is a 9-year-old German Shepherd who lost his best friend 20-year-old Cpl Dustin Lee during a rocket attack in Iraq back in 2007. Lee lost his life, and Lex was badly wounded by pieces of shrapnel that had lodged into the dog’s spine.

Jerome and Rachael Lee wanted to take care of Lex the way Lex had taken care of their son while serving together in Iraq, so with the help of North Carolina Rep Walter Jones they convinced the Marine Corps to retire Lex, allowing the Lee’s to adopt him. All was good…or so they thought.

Once Lex was home they discovered the shrapnel still lodged in his spine was causing excruciating pain in his joints, preventing him from walking on his own.  “Esprit de Corps”  is a Marine Corps saying and it’s definition implies the spirit of a unit. The spirit is commonly reflected by all members… including dogs.   After everything the Lee’s and Lex went through, the Lee’s were not about to abandon their son’s comrade in battle.

That’s where Vet Dr. Lee Morgan entered the picture. He introduced Lex to a cutting-edge treatment that allows dogs to grow new cartilage by injecting stem cells from their own fat into the damaged joint. The treatment has about an 80% success rate and takes as little as three days.

With physical therapy and the Lee’s unconditional love, Lex is expected to fully recover in as little as two months.



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