Is your pet extremely hard to buy for at Christmas?  How many times have we caught our pets re-gifting that perfect toy or pooch outfit we just knew they would fall in love with.  The next thing you know the pooch down the street is sportin that fancy new Ostrich pet coat we paid good money for.

So here are a few items that may end up being the perfect gift for our finicky four legged companions:

  1. The Water Dog – The water dog automatic dispenser. It connects to any outdoor spicket, and a motion sensor detects whenever your dog gets within a certain range. The dispenser releases a steady stream until the pooch has had enough and when he leaves, it shuts off automatically.
  2. Squeaker toys only your pooch can hear – Ok, we all know how irritating a squeaky toy can be, the constant high pitched noise can send you jumping off the nearest bridge, but not with this beauty. Only pooches can hear the Soniks squeak toy, so slowly climb back down from that bridge.
  3. Automatic fetch machine – Ok, we all need a little more exercise and I’m not sure how excited I am about this but hey, some people just don’t like to exert the energy it takes to toss a ball into the yard, or even the other room. GoDogGo will play with our dog for hours while we catch up on the latest episodes of Real Housewives or Jersey Shores. It automatically throws the balls at specified intervals and comes with a remote control so we never have to get out of the chair.
  4. Dog Translator – yes, that’s right… a translator for dogs. It’s a highly technical gadget that attaches to your dogs collar and translates your dog’s bark. The microphone picks up your dog’s bark and then transmits it to a handset with a lcd screen. The bark is translated into 1 of 6 emotional categories while an appropriate phrase is displayed on the screen. For example “I’m dominant,” or “Are you friend or enemy?”  Perhaps just paying closer attention to your dog will produce the same result.  Just sayin. 
  5. Self cleaning litter box – Now…this is a gem. It’s easy to use and actually does what it’s supposed to do. Cleans your cat poo without the usual gagging reflex. It separates the waste clumps from the clean litter and deposits them into a chamber at the bottom of the litter box. All you need to do is pull the plastic bag out of the chamber when it becomes full. robot.php3
  6. Dog Powered Scooter – How cool is this! Oh wait, first let me explain it. It uses a special frame that when attached to your scooter, still leaves you in control of the steering and braking. It sounds really cool, and I haven’t read any stories in the media about how an over-excited pooch ran his owner into traffic with his new dog powered scooter.
  7. Pet feeder Webcam – This beauty enables you to feed and watch your pet through a webcam. So if we’re running late from happy hour, all we have to do is log in and order the feeder to dispense some food. It can even sound a dinner bell. Here’s the bad news, it’s only available in Japan. Yeah, I don’t know why I added it either if we can’t get it but it sounded really cool.
  8. Cat toilet seat – I always see the youtube videos of cats pooing in the toilet and it bums me out that I can’t get my own cats to try it. The website claims you can save thousands of dollars in cat litter and I believe it because my cat’s poo often. The cat seat is first used on the floor with regular kitty litter, and after he becomes accustomed to using it on the floor, you place it on the toilet seat and start filming for youtube. Note to self – Video might be funnier if the kitty accidentally falls into the toilet.
  9. GPS Pet Finder – This gadget keeps track of your pet by building a virtual fence through the company’s website. If your pet wanders outside of its boundaries, a text is sent to your cell phone with the exact location of your pet. Very cool.
  10. Hypo-Allergenic-Cats – I don’t know about this one either. The hypo allergenic cats are genetically engineered to suppress allergens created by the cats skin and allergy glands. They are supposed to have all the other characteristics of a nice kitty. It sounds a little Jurassic Park-ish to me.  Creepy…and I’m still a proponent for adopting from your nearest animal shelter and taking allergy medicine if necessary. But that’s just me.

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