Yes, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Edwin Fry is a 73-year-old man who busted his canine friend out of the local animal shelter with a riding lawn mower and bolt cutters

Unfortunately, Buddy Tough had been picked up before for running lose in the neighborhood. Fry paid his $50 dollar fine and all was good…for a while.  But poor Buddy Tough was picked up again and taken to the local shelter. So Fry hopped on his riding lawn mower and proceeded to cut the mesh fence with a pair of bolt cutters before freeing his faithful companion. But that’s when everything went terribly wrong. The police showed up and arrested him at gun point before he could make it home.

Buddy Tough went back into the doggy slammer and Fry was placed in jail until he could pay his fine. The police had told Fry he could sort everything out once he paid his fine and get his dog back. Unfortunately, while Fry was trying to pay his fine, the fine local shelter decided not to wait and put poor Buddy Tough down. Ok, I’ll admit Fry is not your typical responsible dog owner, and deserves part of the blame, but come on…he’s 73 years old and rides a lawn mower to get around town. It’s obvious he has a few issues to deal with, but did we need to callously take it out on Buddy Tough?

Edwin Fry began receiving condolence letters and small contributions after Buddy Tough’s death,  but that’s not all, a local woman had heard his story, and gave him a small white chihuahua, hoping the tiny gift could heal at least part of the void left by Buddy Tough.  Fry decided to name him “Whittie Western Star.” You have to admit, he may not have it all upstairs but he comes up with some rockin pet names.

Fry is touched by all of the attention he has received from the unnecessary death of his faithful companion, and he is sure he will see good ole Buddy Tough again someday.

In the meantime, a local group calling themselves “The Buddy Tough Committee” has been meeting and discussing ways to improve the towns callous policies and also plans on building a no-kill-shelter.


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