I firmly believe this police officer needs to go back to basic training. It is painfully obvious to me that if a police officer becomes panicked by a dog fight, than perhaps he’s just not cut out to be a police officer. The story is the officer stopped when 3 dogs were fighting. 2 of the dogs were on leashes when a third dog appeared and instigated the fight. After a full investigation, the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing.  Really? Nothing wrong here?

Maybe the entire Police Department of St. Petersburg need to be educated in breaking up a dog fight. Officer Juric claimed he couldn’t use his pepper spray because the owner was standing too close. So…I guess using the phrase “HEY, GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY SO I CAN SPRAY THESE DOGS, OTHERWISE I MIGHT HAVE TO SHOOT THEM!” wouldn’t be acceptable, but firing four shots within close proximity of the dog owner is A-OK.  Again….Seriously? 

I speak from experience because I have separated dog fights before. It’s not easy but it’s ENTIRELY possible to separate them without shooting and killing them.  My suspicion is the officer couldn’t wait to shoot his firearm, and it  so happened to be” just” a couple of dogs on leashes with their owners that  had the pleasure of being the recipients.

My advice to the St. Petersburg Police Department is this….take his gun away.



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  1. After my daughter’s pitt bull was shot and killed by a police officer on her property, I started looking around the internet and was astounded at what I found. Some of the stories of police shooting family pets and the circumstances surrounding these shootings are unbelievable. Are we as a society going to sit back and allow this to happen? Aren’t people tiried of listening to the cop’s covering for one another and the head guy in the police department getting on the news and saying ” after a thourgh investigation we found the officer was completely justified in the shooting?”. Bullshit! What do you expect them to say? “Oops! he made a mistake? ” or ” When he say the dog coming at him he shit his pants and panicked”? Not likely. I am a 53 yr old mother of 2. I have always worked hard and paid my taxes. I had been taught from childhood that police officers were honest and here to protect us and our society from the bad guys. Not anymore. I now know that we have alot of aggressive bullies with guns and badges who think because they are police officers, that the badge they carry gives them the right to do whatever they want. They must be held accountable for their actions just like we are. Untill they are held accountabe, these shooting will continue to rise and families will continue to feel the heartbreak of loosing not just a pet, but a family member, I will never forget my son-in-law’s face when he said ” they did’nt just shoot my dog, they killed a member of my family.” My sixteen month old grandaughter used to sit in this pitt bulls food bowl and hand feed him. He was a wonderful dog and we all miss him.

    • That is such a sad story! I can’t imagine what it would be like to have a member of our family shot down that way just because it appears more “convienent.” I am so sorry about your loss….

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