Stallone is a Pit Bull rescued by the Humane Society right after a brutal dog fight. He brought tears to the eyes of his rescuers because of his docile manner and the way he craved human kindness…he is also the face of dog fighting.  He is the face that shows us what some owners will do for the thrill, or the kill. 

 He is the face that Michael Vick saw right before he hung them…electrocuted them…drowned them….or in one particular case… repeatedly slammed the beaten dog to the ground because he didn’t win. 

 Stallone is the face we must “see” in order to end dog-fighting once and for all. 


2 Responses

  1. thanks for bringing this up. i think it’s so important for people to expose themselves to the consequences of dogfighting. i am heartened that the dogs involved are finally started to be treated as victims rather than as perpetrators.

    follow our foster:

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