An open letter to (D)Vick:

Dear Dick:

How unfortunate your daughter wants a new puppy and can not have one because her daddy is a cold-blooded dog killer.   You have systematically tortured and killed dogs for decades.  Only when indicted and only when your cohorts turned on you did you finally admit to your involvement. 

How unfortunate for your daughter that while you speak of “loving” your dogs and animals, you somehow found justification in personally hanging, shooting, drowning and slamming them to the cement ground. If I’m your daughter I would think twice before disappointing the old man.  GOD help her if she doesn’t measure up to your expectations… right?  I mean if you can torture and kill an innocent dog for not being aggressive enough to claim your stake in the dog fighting world, what might you do to that little girl that doesn’t bring home straight A’s or doesn’t quite measure up to your standards? 

Why you would ever think you are deserving of a loyal companion is beyond me.  Does your narcissism have no end? Do you think just because you are trying to re-brand yourself that somehow you want us to believe you suddenly care about dogs?  Speaking twice a month to kids may sound like redemption to some, however, it sounds like re-branding to others.  Well played Mr. Dick. If you are truly redemptive and rehabilitated why not put your money where your mouth is, why not donate 10% of your money to a deserving organization that fights everyday for the rights of the very dogs you so callously discarded when they didn’t meet your gaming expectations?  

Here’s the bottom line Dick uhhh I mean Vick, you don’t DESERVE another dog ever. Owning another dog isn’t about rehabilitation, it’s about rehabilitating your image. Once again it’s all about you and what a dog can do for you. Before it was about how many fights it could win for Bad Newz Kennel, now it’s about making you look better for a possible future endorsement. This is why you still resonate to many as a despicable human being. Owning a dog is about mutual respect, loyalty and commitment. If you want to work on re-branding your image,  keep your mouth shut and just do your job. You have already received more chances than most will get in an entire lifetime.

 This is just a thought Dick….but perhaps you could have thought of your poor daughter BEFORE you mutilated dogs for pleasure and profit.

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One Response

  1. I could not have said it better myself~ ! I feel sorry for your children Michael Vick! I feel sorry that they have a dog torturer and murderer for a father. Look your little girl in the eyes and tell her how you placed little dogs on rape stands, held them under the water until they stopped breathing, and electrocuted them for fun oh and MONEY! She will read about it someday daddy! See the fact that you can throw a ball does not mean shit to us you ignorant son of a bitch~ Karma is a bitch! You are going to hurt one day like you never thought you could hurt. Then you need to get on your knees and hope that somehow your Karma can be reversed! You will pay for what you did . Not just a little stint in prison or having to take some personal time and talk to kids. You will really pay and you will finally understand PAIN. You don’t deserve shit. Now, someone tell me , “Oh he paid his dues, he deserves a second chance…!!!” You can ‘t tell me SHIT! Does not matter that you are supporting him because he can throw a ball or because of race……. KARMA will not care about any of that!

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