Just when I thought I had given up on human kindness, a good story comes along and restores my faith in humanity.  Four young Sitka black-tailed bucks fell upon good luck Sunday as they were pulled from the icy waters of Stephens Passage, Alaska by a group of locals on Tom Satre’s 62-foot charter vessel.  The four deer swam directly toward the boat and fortunately, they were met with helping hands.

Once the deer reached the boat, the four began circling, looking directly at the humans on board.  Clearly, the bucks were distressed. With help, the typically skittish and absolutely wild animals came willingly onto the boat.  Once onboard, they collapsed with exhaustion, shivering.

Once rescued, the bucks rested on the back of Tom Satre’s boat, the Alaska Quest. All four deer were transported to Taku Harbour .  Once the group reached the dock, the first buck that had been pulled from the water hopped onto the dock, looked back, then leapt into the harbour, swam to shore, and disappeared into the forest. After a bit of prodding and assistance from the humans, two others followed suit, one deer needed a bit more help.

Tom, Anna and Tim Satre graciously helped the last of the “button” bucks to its feet. They did not know how long the deer had been in the icy waters or if there had been others who did not survive.  The good Samaritans (humans)  describe their experience as “one of those defining moments in life.” 

The meaning of defining moment:  a point at which the essential nature or character of a person, group, etc., is revealed or identified. 

I love a happy ending…..


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  1. What a beautiful post and it was a joy to read this first thing Christmans morning! Have a beautiful Christmas!!

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