Contrary to popular belief, I do not enjoy writing about Michael Vick.  I don’t enjoy thinking about him or what he did for decades to dedicated animals.  I don’t enjoy watching his return to grandeur because he can throw a football.  I don’t enjoy his narcissism when he speaks of voting for himself as MVP.  Let’s just face it…I don’t enjoy ONE thing about Michael Vick.

My last rant was about Vick (the Dick) wanting a dog.  I won’t rehash that argument but let’s just say that ummmm….let’s see….ummmmm….I’m not for it.

Now I get to watch the President of the United States talk about how proud he was of the Eagles for giving Vick a second chance?  Really Prez..that’s what you choose to talk about when the Country is struggling with the worst economic downturn since the depression?  I might think differently if he just responded to a question posed by a journalist.  But he didn’t….he personally called the owner of the Eagles on the phone and congratulated him for accepting a life long dog killer back into the NFL

If it’s really about supporting ex-convicts in their endeavors to become real human beings again, why not call up the owner of Villalobos Rescue Center  from the popular show “Pit Bulls and Parolees?”  Tia Maria Torres rescues the Pit Bulls but also gives parolees a second chance by showing both what compassion can do for a soul.  She hires the parolees to help with day to day chores, but more importantly shows the parolees what it means to truly be committed to something bigger than themselves. The parolees are not earning millions because they can run really fast and throw a football. They are slowly regaining the respect of their community by committing to the well being of abandoned and beaten dogs when others have given up on them.  See the comparison?  The true story of redemption and commitment lives within the compound of Villalobos…not the gridiron of the NFL.  

I wonder how much easier it is to show redemption when being paid millions of dollars for doing what you have always wanted to do?  I wonder how much harder it is to show redempton when you don’t have millions of fans idolizing you for your football talents?  Would Vick be as gracious and committed to his new redemption if he had to find a regular 9 to 5 job? Would Vick ever be willing to dedicate a portion of his life in doing the day to day operations of a dog rescue compound without the adulation of his fans?  Not that I would ever want him anywhere around dogs, but it might pose an interesting question.

That is the phone call that should have been made.  Not to an ownership that coldly calculated how cheaply they could buy a talented athlete that just so happened to torture dogs and then lie about it to the previous owner of the Atlanta Falcons.  KUDOS to the Falcons for telling Vick to….well you know…I can’t really say it on my blog….but I want to.  Let’s just say it rhymes with “duck” and end ends in “off.”

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2 Responses

  1. Today is the first day that I was called to your site. It started with a friend’s re-post she found about Patrick. My lil piece of FB is totally abuzz about Patick. I have since cried my eyes out and have planned many forms of “revenge” in my head. I am a very happy animal lover and have been so my entire life. Like I tell every body, “We had to get rid of the kids cuz the pet’s are all allergic”. I never had children of the 2 legged variety but have had many loyal and loving animals over my past 44 years. Your site is hard to look at, at times, but carries a message that it is NOT o.k. (never has been, never will be) to mistreat ANY animal. They don’t asked to be born and should NEVER have to suffer at the hands of their owners. At the hands of ANYONE!!!Thank you for your compassion and ability to show the real deal. God bless you, Whitney P.S. Michael Vick’s will get his in time. He’s gonna hate Hell, from the hounds he has to pass thru and the fact there is no air conditioning!Go with God, You ROCK!Loves

    • Thanks so much for your comment. It is very hard to sometimes write about these stories, but as long as the message gets out there and we can eventually make changes it’s all worth it! I totally agree with you…it’s never ok to brutalize an animal! I just hope all of our voices combined create an even bigger movement to bring about change for the animals….Thanks again!

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