Ok, every once in a while a cause comes along and you just can’t say no. It’s destiny…there was a reason you watched this particular video.  Out of ALL the millions or gazillions of video’s that are hovering in cyber space looking for their 15 minutes of fame, THIS is the video that caught your eye…..CUDA

To put it bluntly, CUDA is the ugliest damn dog ever (OK, I know I have a personal rule about not cursing on my blog but what the hell, I’ve done it before) She isn’t what some call “homely” or “plain” or “strange.” She is just plain ugly.

But CUDA also makes you stop…look….and adore her because she loves life and has nothing to give but old fashioned dog lovin.  CUDA could have been just another unwanted imperfect specimen that doesn’t fit the new hot designer dog species like a Bea-tzu or a Bich-poo. What am I saying… CUDA doesn’t even fit the everyday garden variety mutt species. But she’s special. She’s got the gumption to get up out of bed every morning and say “HELLO WORLD…I’M HERE, I’M UGLY AND I’M A WINNER.”

So the least we can do is vote for CUDA in the  World’s Ugliest Dog Contest in Petaluma, Ca in June of 2011. It’s her destiny…her calling…we owe her at least that.


4 Responses

  1. Ok, she is ugly, and adorable all at once, what a great dog!! I love that the woman was begging to take her home but really already had her. 🙂 That is so something I would do! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thank you for writing this awesome blog. I did know that Cuda had to go home with me that very moment and I would do nothing less than figure out how to get the oK to bring her anyway!

    She is amazing and loving and healthy and happy. I love all of you animal lovers out there like me!

    • You’re the one with CUDA!!! That is sooo awesome. I love the fact you saw his spirit and had to have him! love the entire story!! Thanks so much for the compliments and for enjoying my blog. And tell CUDA I said “HEY!”

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