Sigghhhhhh……It happened again…..Wander is a stray dog who was repeatedly beaten with a metal chain by a stranger. Why did he do this?  Because he could…that’s all. 

The story is Wander was living in some kind of Industrial Park when an unfamiliar foreign worker approached.  Being a dog, Wander started barking.  That’s what dogs do.  Another worker approached when he heard the commotion and the abuser rode away on his little bicycle. (Hopefully to be smashed by an on-coming car….or better yet….a train)

Another worker had been feeding Wander and tried desperately to treat the wounds, but soon realized Wander needed more care after the infection spread to his eye.

Wander soon went through a 4 hour surgery to remove bone fragment, dead skin and puss from his face.  Wander has a 50/50 percent chance of survival and the next few days are critical.

I for one hope Wander survives and he finds a forever home that will love him unconditionally…..

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7 Responses

  1. This made me cry! I for one would be more than willing to open my hear and home to Wander! What a horrible thing to do to one so innocent. I hope he will be well soon and find a great home!!! I want to follow this puppys recovery and make sure he gets what he needs. 🙂 Thank you for posting this, even though it is painful and hard to read/watch.

  2. Has this story made it to a NEWS program???
    It seems NO ONE adopts a dog or a cat anymore UNLESS a horrible or heartwarming story about them has been on television.
    WANDER’S story is certainly news worthy.

    I’ve posted for him every place I could think of . No takers.
    If he gets on a news program people will be lining up to adopt him.

    • Unfortunately…it wasn’t much of a news item. And your right about adoptions, unfortunately most people want a perfect dog. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading about Wander. Maybe if enough people are exposed to his story, he will find a wonderful forever home!

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