On a frigid Wednesday afternoon in Lansing, MI a horrible thing was happening…somebody had severely beaten a 2-year-old Pit Bull and then decided that wasn’t enough and hogtied her with duct tape. This despicable human being (or as I like to refer to as “piece of shit“) then decided to dump her in the frigid cold to freeze to death…

Ernie Moss found the dog while walking his two boxers.  (note to “piece of shit” –  this is the type of activity you do with a dog)

One of the boxers pulled Ernie down an embankment and that’s when he discovered the shivering dog frozen to the ground.   After spending an hour struggling to get the tape off, he was finally able to free her.

“It was pathetic,” Moss said. “I don’t understand how a human being could do that to a living thing and sleep at night.”

After freeing the dog Ernie carried her down the street while another neighbor called the Ingham County Animal Control, then the Humane Society.

The Capital Animal Humane Society at first feared they would need to put her down due to excessive swelling around the head.  They chose to name her anyway and now call her Tatiana (after Mohammad Ali’s daughter who is a professional fighter).  That’s the perfect name for a survivor. It’s a perfect name for the Pit Bull Breed who are subjected to terrible abuses and torture everyday because of individuals like Michael Vick who fight them, hang, drown and beat their fighting dogs to death.  My belief is Tatiana came from a dog fighter and she didn’t show enough “game” for fighting.  

The person who left the dog for dead could be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the prosecutor.  I for one will be picketing on the prosecutor’s doorstep, if after they catch this sad excuse for a human being, they do not prosecute to the FULLEST extent of the law.

Anybody who wishes to contribute to Tatiana’s care can do so at the Capital Area Human Society.

Be warned you piece of shit….Karma is a bitch and someday you will get your just reward because Karma ALWAYS wins.


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  1. I would love to have a national registry of animal abusers, just like they do for sex offenders. I sure would want to know if a POS abuser moved in next to me so I could 1. watch my own pets and 2. watch their activities. We keep our children safe through a registry, why not those who can’t speak for themselves? Thanks for posting, I am off to donate.

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