“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”

Ok, so I am doing a different kind of post today. A post about people…It is common knowledge among my friends that the vast majority of my focus is on animal rights. Sometimes, I just seem to overlook the struggles of common everyday folks.

I am currently doing some consulting work for a property management company and was doing some work in one of their leasing offices. So, I’m completely absorbed in my audit and not paying attention to the mother and daughter applying for an apartment. All of a sudden, I hear the Resident Manager say, “You’re approved.” The mother and daughter begin screaming and crying, “I can’t believe we did it! We did it!” They continue standing, crying, and hugging in the middle of the office. Surprised at their reaction my Resident Manager then said, “That’s the biggest reaction I’ve ever seen.” As they continued to hug each other the mother replies “You have no idea what we’ve been through…I did it…I did it.”

So…not wanting to invade in their personal lives but dying to know, we couldn’t resist asking about their story…

As it turned out the mother had been married for over twenty years to an abusive husband/father, and things began escalating the last several years. The only thing keeping her in the middle of the chaos was the impression (reinforced by her husband) that she would never be able to take care of both her and the daughter on her own…so she stayed.

She finally found the “courage” to leave him and start her life completely over with her only daughter. The mother continued thanking us repeatedly for approving her application. “We didn’t do anything out of the ordinary; you did it completely on your own…congratulations” I said. That sent her into another crying jag.

So, my own personal revelation is this…I am always looking for the stray cat or dog, or worthy news story, that furthers my present cause. But I sometimes forget that extraordinary stories and circumstances are constantly happening around me. Everyday folks just trying to live a good life… and for some it’s a harder road. Her struggles have been much more significant than any of my own struggles have been. I sometimes like to think “I’m a pretty big deal,” but then something like this happens and I realize true heroes are everywhere. They don’t always come in the shape of war hero’s, athletes, or pulling cars off of small children…sometimes it’s just about a mother and a daughter finding the courage to start over, and believing it’s the greatest thing in the world.



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  1. Another beautiful story! Your blog is like the emotional roller coaster, I cry, I laugh, I cheer and sometimes I just put my arms up to see if today we can fly….. today was a flying day! Thanks for the uplifting story. 🙂

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