OK…I seriously must take some deep breaths before writing this blog….long…..deep….breaths.  Because you see, I never did believe Vick had really changed. I never saw it in his eyes.  I never heard it in his voice. I couldn’t tell by his demeanor. I have heard many ex-dogfighters on “radio programs” talking about what they did and how much they regretted it.  I could feel their remorse and shame although I never saw their faces. 

After seeing this video it reinforces my belief that Vick is doing nothing more than following a public relations campaign. I believe everything in this video. I believe his dismissal of this man’s request is the reason why he cancelled his appearance on Oprah.  Don’t even get me started on her.  However, I do believe he was reluctant to appear on her show because she was blasted with thousands of emails (and I launched a serious twitter attack)  from viewers wanting the voice of the dogs heard loud and clear. 

You see….we are not interested in voting him come-back player of the year, or giving him the keys to the city.  We are still wanting answers…answers he will never give because it will not be good for his image.

Watch this video and be as disgusted and angered as I am…then post it and repost it again. 


2 Responses

  1. For Shame on the City of Dallas For letting this Happen…and I never thought he was EVER REMORSEFUL for the crimes he committed…He even tried to spend all his money so they couldn’t give it to the Rescues helping the dogs they saved…I spit on Michael Vick and am so Glad Brady got the MVP Award…What is wrong with this country??

  2. I think Vick is a POS!!!! He should of done more time for his crime. He’s not a star in my eyes!!! They should of hurt that man in prison but oh no he’s a famous person, NOT and NEVER. Carma he’ll get his.

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