Fist, I need to give thanks to Coupon Queen at http://couponqueensthrone.blogspot.com/   for sending me this video.  Thanks Coupon Queen!

It’s a heart wrenching video depicting more of the devastation in Japan from the recent tsunami. This time it’s a devoted canine friend attending and protecting his wounded companion.  It’s a tear jerker but fortunately…(spoiler here) it’s a happy ending.  Both of the dogs have been rescued and expected to survive.  The unfortunate part is they are currently not at the same hospital.  I am sincerely hoping they are re-united soon. 


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  1. Just goes to show you– dogs are even dog’s best friend.

  2. I knew you would like it, and thought of you right away when I saw it. I am also sad they are at different hospitals but I hope they are back together soon, the sad part is that they may be all thats left of their family. 😦 I say prayers every night for the people and animals of Japan.

  3. There is much to be learned from the eyes and hearts of animals. Their undaunted dedication to who and what they hold dear should be a lesson to all of us. If we, as humans, could learn to exist with that kind of “selflessness” and “compassion” for everything and everyone around us, this world would be a much better place.

  4. That is such a moving video, and another testimony for animal devotion. Not only to humans, but to each other.

    What a nice coincidence that we’re using the same theme 🙂

  5. Are these two back together again???I hope with all my heart that They Both live out the rest of Their lives Together in a loving home. I look at My own two guys and worry about Them if I can,t be there to look after Them,They care about eachother so deeply and I know in My heart that They would want to stay together. I worry so much for the animals,They are so deservng of Our help also.They form bonds and do feel love just the same as human animals do.

    • I haven’t been able to verify that they are back together yet. The concerning part to me is the Springer was in the care of a “shelter.” With all the turmoil in Japan at this point, I don’t know how over-populated they are. I sincerely hope they are able to re-unite these two again.

  6. I’m sorry to report that these babies have not been rescued. The TV crew gave the location to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue who searched for the location, but could not find the loyal dogs. Other groups have looked in vain as well. Kenn Sakauri, president of Butch Japan, pet food (on Facebook) is the one who said had them rescued by a couple of motorcycle daredevils, but he has washed his hands of telling anyone where they are. He has collected money for rescues, but will not give the money to any groups, because he thinks they are not legit places to give. Meanwhile, he is playing cityville with his new friends on facebook. No rescue shelters say the dogs are there. Global Animal Rescue has more info. I pray every second of the day for these two angels and for all the people and animals who are suffering and in need right now.

    • Thanks for the confirmation. I posted an update yesterday explaining the current situation, and that there has been no verification of the dogs being rescued.

  7. Im happy to hear that these two dogs had rescused. but how about now? Are they still in the process of treatment?

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