I know many readers (and myself) are anxious to hear if the two survivor dogs have been reunited yet. As of this date I cannot verify their reunion. A Facebook page has been created by a Mister Mr Kenn Sakurai, an owner of a dog food company in Japan who had previously stated his group had rescued the two dogs and both were being cared for in two different locations. The weaker one was being cared for at a local animal hospital, and the Springer was being held in a nearby shelter. The tentative good news is the Japanese authorities at this time do not have plans to euthanize any of the pets being found and rescued. They are hoping to reunite the pets with their owners since it might possibly be the only thing the Japanese people have left.

Here is the bad news….There is no evidence the above mentioned group has actually rescued the two dogs. They have not to this date provided any updated photo’s showing the “rescued” dogs. Any attempt to verify information on the Facebook page is deleted. Unfortunately…it looks at though Mr. Kenn Sakurai might very well be a fraud. Below is an article from CNN trying to verify the whereabouts of our new friends.

Another article has appeared with the actual interview of our Mr. Ken Sakurai. Something about this man stinks…and stinks bad.


I for one hate to be the bearer of bad news…but it isn’t looking good at the moment for the two dogs that has captured our hearts. I will keep all my readers updated as I learn more….

The original post including the video:



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  1. I am hoping that the 2 dogs were rescued.

    • It appears Kenn Sakurai has offered to return any of the pay pal monies people have dontated if they no longer trust him. Or he is asking them to donate directly to the shelters. He still claims he made a promise to the rescuers that he would not divulge the location of the dogs. I’m just not sure what to believe. It doesn’t appear showing updated photo’s of the dogs together would disclose their location..

  2. I think my heart will break if the two were not rescued. I am thankful that the Japanese are not putting pets down, they really are the only thing some of these people will have left of family. Thanks for the update.

    • Mr. Kenn Sakurai still claims he promised the rescuers he would not divulge their location and has offered to return any of the money donated thru payal if people wish to have their money returned. Or he is suggesting donating directly to various shelters. I just don’t know…

  3. Dear Animal Rescue Organizations.
    Please unite your resources and organize a massive link from all the vets and shelters of rescued animals and post their photos on facebook with daily updates. No one needs to know the identity of who rescued the animals.

  4. I see you are just a small blogger, so I won’t release the full extent of my dsdain. I will just say that there was apparently no research done on this- it is obviously just regurgitated from a few internet sites. As for your references – those links are not CNN stories, they are propaganda written by a For-Profit group calling themselves Global Animal. (Don’t miss the part where they had to move the article from “news” to “editorial” because it was so full of assumptions and unsubstantiated claims. )
    It’s one thing if you’re just writing inconsequential blather, but if your comments could add to the virtual persecution of an honorable man, a little more responsibility is in order.
    I would file this under you “Crap” file.

    • I really don’t care how much disdain you have. It is obvious you don’t have any more updates than the other sites you are attacking. The fact of the matter is HE doesn’t know where the animals are or he would have supplied updates by now. Very easy to do without disclosing the location. Whether he meant to do it for monetary purposes or if he just got caught up in the moment and “heard” the dogs were resuced and blathered it out there. I don’t give a flyin shit. The fact of the matter is he doesn’t know where they are….period. If you have better information…supply it…I will be happy to post it. As for CNN, the news organization also gave their news update on the matter. So….go blather on somebody else’s log.

    • Oh…btw. There is another update from Global Animals (since they are the organization still following the “where’s the dogs” trail. It appears the dogs HAVE been rescued and are awaiting confirmation via photo’s (since everybody who has a single brain cell in their head knows a “photo” will not give up the location). Oh yeah….and guess what….it wasn’t your guy “Ken the I know where they are but I’m not gonna tell ya.” We’ll see if the new organization that “claims” to have them really do, or if they are just another fame monger like your man Ken. I’ll be sure and let you know since you enjoy my blog so much. Don’t forget to hit the subscribe button!

      • Oh… btw. There is another update from Global Animals (since they are the organization still following the “where’s the dog” trail. It appears the dogs HAVE – wait ! NOT been rescued. But they reported it as”news”!! Why, I believe they lied to us. Gosh darnit – ya can’t trust anyone these days. But that’s okay, I’m still going to use them as my main source of information. After all, it’s much more likely that the small town Japanese animal rescuer would be bamboozling us than a Santa Monica, For-Profit company owning, “don’t donate to him he’s scamming you, donate to us we really care” Yoga dude. Oh, no he’s not a fame monger. I know you’ll be disappointed, but I don’t subscribe to blogs that use profanity. Oh, and I wouldn’t be able to deal with the poor research and editing. Time to flush again!!

  5. Don’t be sad your “I’m a fame monger and lied about my biker dude friends rescuing the dogs” guy doesn’t have anymore information than the organization YOU want to bash. Like my post said…I will update as I get news. Face it …you’re “I’m a fame monger and lied about my bikder dude friends rescuing the dogs” guy doesn’t have them…pure and simple. Oh yeah and btw…as a small blogger I’m sure glad you were able to find me among millions of blogs out there. oh yeah don’t forget to hit the subscribe button!

  6. There are now several sites operated by either Kenn Sakurai or by Kenn’s supporters. Found on one site is a supporter stating the following :

    Page-CNN-UTube video- hero tsunami dogs.If fellow group members have a mind to do so please have a look-@ 3pages of discussion-much
    disparagement of Mr Sukurai & what seems to be 1-2 lone defenders.Might
    I ask a few of you fighting for his reputation to contribute? If you
    are unable to do so-we must leave the site to the uninformed
    detractors.I for one would prefer to see the informed having a say
    too.What about you?

    So to tcastle : I guess you made a list and they had to send someone over to try and shhh you down. I am sure that the comment that I copied will most likely disappear, for propriety sake.

    This comment found on another of KS support site :
    Someones def trolling us..:) I sure do hope … has seen this page! 🙂 Via page insights: 158 Monthly Active Users; 6,116 Daily Post Views

    Talk about trolling. Isn’t that what they are doing ?

    And, don’t think about asking a question or ask for a photo :
    This is an example of what they will say about you …as taken from one of their FB sites:
    that’s the whole point, isn’t it … these criticism are coming from little-minded people who have no vested interest in either Japan or their poor
    traumatised animals … all they are thinking of is their own
    self-importance and seeing their names as DONORS … and as such they
    feel thay can make demands … we are in a crisis situation … even if
    Kenn-san were willing to produce photos or videos of the two dogs,
    there would still be people who would claim the evidence was faked!!!

    Nice people.

    • Thanks for the info, I am truly amazed at the viligance of his few supporters. As most have already stated, photo’s of the dogs would not jepordize their whereabouts, or sacrifice his samuari honor (so he claims). The saddest part of this whole on-going story is that I am starting to believe nobody made it to the dogs in time or something would have surfaced by now. ..

  7. I am in agreement with your reply. It has been too long.

  8. They rescued the tsunami dog washed out to sea that spend three weeks on a floating rooftop. Showed pictures of the dog rescued and identified the owner and the dog and described the reunion.

    If Kenn Sakurai wants to continue to insist he had any hand in rescuing Loyal Tsunami dog and companion, he had better step up to the plate and provide photos or stop claiming he had any hand in their rescue if indeed any rescue took place.

    If there’s no pictures, it didn’t happen.

  9. WOW, you really are a whacko arn’t you. What a smarmy human hater. You got no idea lady what talking about. Sakurai SAn is hero in Japan. Suggest you get good Lawyer. You in big trouble lady.

  10. […] Update on Japan Survivor Dogs (tcastle.wordpress.com) […]

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