Ok…this is a tough one to watch. I’m not even sure where to start…other than the New Jersey resident Kisha Curtis recently arrested for starving a Pit Bull nearly to death and then dropping him down a 22 story garbage shoot in a garbage bag, has the same moral character of the football player Michael Vick who as we all know tortured and slowly killed fighting dogs for not showing game. How she could look into the face of her faithful companion for months while she slowly starved him to death is absolutely beyond me.  She could have easily taken him to the nearest no kill shelter. As much as I hate some shelters, it would have been better than the months of neglect he suffered by his owners very own hands. And yes I also wonder how Michael Vick could shoot, drown, and hang dogs for his own pleasure and then be adored by millions again because he somehow found his soul.

You can follow Patrick’s updates on a recently created facebook page.

Here is the good news…where there is atrocity and darkness, there is also humanity and light. Patrick was spotted by a worker and instead of turning away and letting the dog die, he was brought to the Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls where he was treated and observed for the next 24 hours. His condition was the worst they had seen…they didn’t expect him to survive that next 24 hours…but he did. It will be a long long road to full recovery and he has suffered a few set backs, including an obstruction in his intestine that they think might have been due to Patrick eating something inedible out of complete desperation. They can not quite do the surgery yet because of Patrick’s weakened state.  Patrick has also been able to take short walks, and the staff has been giving him incredible amounts of affection, as they are cautiously hopeful for a full recovery.

As for the soulless New Jersey resident with the same moral compass as Vick?….she could be charged with two counts of cruelty punishable by only six months in prison and thousand dollar fine.

The scales of justice always seem to fall short when it comes to our faithful companions…


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  1. I don’t know what is wrong with these people. I suppose the same cruelty and indifference to suffering that allows people to abuse small children. Maybe people who have a record of animal cruelty shouldn’t be allowed to have kids!

    • I know! It just doesn’t make any sense to me….

    • The courts are just as much to blame; the so-called LEGAL SYSTEM/Judicial System and the Jury themselves, should be held accountable and in contempt, for lack of decency and promoting animal abuse. The animal protection agencies should have them ALL Investigated and put THEM ON TRIAL. THEY must be put on a list of who should NOT have any sort of an animal. They’re slapping her on the wrist and basically condoning her actions! A LIFE, FOR A LIFE! What Kisha could get away on, is not acceptable and dispicable. The law is on the side of criminals, which makes them evil, in return. Putting people like Kisha in front of a Grand Jury, should up the anti in the severity of punishment, not make an animals suffering, a mockery! The GRAND JURY, is a mockery of justice and Disgraceful statement on our nations’s values, or more like, severe lack of values.

  2. Check out this deadbeat’s Facebook page……Kisha Curtis, it will make anyone with a heart angry..look at the fat on her and her ugly face……I hope she gets more jail time than six months…….look at her posing…what an egotist……she could have taken Patrick to a shelter……

    • wow….I checked out her facebook page and let’s see…she is involved with pornography and attends Duke University?? Are you kidding me? So…now I’m even more angry knowing she DID have the capability of feeding Patrick. Sooooo angry right now.

    • Ms Weems,

      Being fat and ugly has NOTHING to do with a person’s actions. Please, rise above such statements. This woman should be judged by her actions, and her actions only. There are plenty of fat and ugly people out there who love animals, children and all of creation, who work for and give to charities. Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater – this woman is cruel because she has a hideous soul, not because of how she looks!

  3. I cannot believe this cruel woman is going to get off so lightly. To call her an animal is insulting to the beautiful animal world. She is nothing more than scum! I would love to adopt Patrick and bring him out to New Zealand to live with us on our Lifestyle block with our other two dogs who would love him to bits and so would we. Look after this baby dog America.
    Also, take care of the ‘Scum’ Kisha Curtis America and give her what she deserves and much bigger sentence.



  4. Historically, the SPCA movement preceded the development of t SPCC. Let’s continue to consider animals important , certainly not more important than children., but vital nevertheless

  5. Sometimes you have to wonder why the lawmakers have such a ho hum attitude towards these monsters that ruin our society and are a danger to anyone that crosses their paths. I can guarantee this woman would not think twice about harming an innocent child, etc. She is nothing but a low life, hearless, skank. And some people think Pits are the real danger!! People like her make these dogs either vicious, or destroy them. I wonder if lawmakers that are so lenient on these types of monsters harbor no respect for animals either. As many people as have been absolutely shocked by this behavior, all they can muster is six months in jail, if she even serves a day, and $1,000.00 fine?? What about his vet bills, etc.? Why should she not be responsible for them? I hope they put her in a cell with big, mean, ticked off animal loving women. That would just be the best sentence for this skank, since euthanization is not an option.

  6. i can’t belive they let that piece of s–t out of jail!!! where is the justice for poor PATRICK??? She should be put away with alot of dog lovers that abuse her every day!!!! just because she needs it!!!! She is a BEAST! I Love You PATRICK. You are always on my mind and in my heart.Keep getting stronger baby boy..


  8. Great post!!!! Could not agree with you more!!

  9. Somebody needs to tell that hoodrat that watching a Duke basketball game on TV while eating chicken wings and drinking Boones Farm does not constitute attending Duke University.

  10. I am appalled what is happening with our society?!!! Story of a starved dog 2 month ago The Patrick Miracle has more than 100,000 followers….petition: signatures: 36,089! and here we are with more than 5000 stories with murdered, starved, tortures kids in US mostly on our page…for over a year posting hundreds new stories a week….
    and please do not think that I think that it is ok to torture and abuse animals, but should children;s welfare be #1 priority???

  11. The degenerate woman who did this needs to be on bread and water (more than she gave Patrick) for 6 months, and tied to a jail cell bar. Doesn’t look like she ever missed any meals. What a piece of crap she is!

  12. Excellent source for information on animal care.

  13. What a slime bag!!!!

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