Thanks to the reader that pointed out this sick excuse for a human beings facebook page.  Just a reminder that Kisha Curtis from New Jersey was recently arrested for starving a Pit Bull nearly to death and then dropping him down a 22 story garbage shoot because she claimed she could not afford to feed him.

This is Kisha Curtis’s facebook page….she doesn’t looked very hungry or incapable of feeding a dog since according to her page she attends Duke University and works in the pornography industry…


Earlier post regarding Patrick the rescued dog:


Please continue to check out Patrick’s facebook page:


I will continue to update readers as I get new information. 

P.S.  I would not at all be surprised if Michael Vick was one of the “accused” favorite athletes and role model.


15 Responses

  1. Too bad Facebook doesn’t offer an “enemies” option, huh? 🙂

    She likes “Law and Order”– let’s see how she likes being one of the cases. “Law and Order” actually did an episode on dog-fighting; at the end, the dog “had to be destroyed,” but the dialogue indicated that it should have been the owners instead…

    • You can be sure Law and Order will have her story on. Let’s hope by the time it airs she will have been convicted and will always be known as the “woman with no soul.” Of course as a Porn star wannabe Duke scholar she probably won’t care.

  2. I doubt Kisha went to DUKE…

  3. This bitch better change her name and move! Someone please take her out!

  4. Could be this blog’s best piece of writing I have read

  5. Strikingly well written article!!

  6. theres a special place in hell for her,, its in the back and its in the dark,, and its real hot,,!!!!! theres no food or water,, karma will bite her in the ass!!! and if tthe court people slap her on the wrist then karma will bite them also,, always does….. god made it that way,,,

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  8. I would like to do the same, to the thing, that did this to poor Patrick. She is not fit to be part of the human race, poor Patrick you are a beautiful spirit and deserve to be treated as such. God Bless Patrick.xxxxxxx

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  11. Where can we find this monster Kisha Curtis? She deserves to be beaten to death.

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