This will warm your heart…watch the video of Patrick eating a ordinary meal…watch him eat with relish…and happiness…and probably with a little anxiety wondering if there will be another one.

All updates show a remarkable improvement in our boy Patrick. I love the photo posted in the background of his kennel, of a larger healthier Pit Bull.  It’s as if Patrick posted it there (OK, I know he really didn’t) to remind himself that he too will look like that someday…We post pics of hard bodies to help motivate us to work out…Patrick needs a reminder of what it will be like to be normal…

I love Patrick.


2 Responses

  1. I have just completely fallen in love with this little guy! He consumes my thoughts and makes me hug my dogs even more than i already did – which was so over the top already 😉 I have shed tears over the thoughts of what he went through, something i just can’t even comprehend. I am normally proud to be a resident of New Jersey, but this woman has not only made me embarassed to say that i am but she has also added to my fears of bringing up a child in this evil world. I hate her with all of my being. And I plan to be down in Newark to join a peaceful demonstration when she is sentenced.

    • I’m glad you will be at the demonstration, and I am also relieved to know that this story will not fade away soon. We will continue to make noise until she is sentenced and laws are changed…

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