Cheryl Hanna of the Pet Rescue Examiner had a fascinating interview with Mark Ortman, a security guard at the Garden Spires apartment complex.  AKA the place where the soulless Kisha Curtis lived and starved her 1-year-old Pit Bull now known as Patrick.

According to Ortman, the accused (I try not to use her name because then we assume she is human…and she is not) kept Patrick tied up in the stairwell of her complex and claims to have fed him every couple of days. The first time Ortman saw Patrick was several months ago when he was still a playful puppy and was kept in the stairwell because “the accused” claimed the Pit had repeatedly bitten her (I grow to like Patrick more every day).  She was told by Animal Control that she could not keep a dog tethered in the hallway.  That was supposedly the last time Ortman saw Patrick until the story broke. 

“The accused” lives in a 550 unit complex and evidently there is some sort of security staff that patrols the large apartment building.  So…the story becomes more interesting…or sad…depending on which way you want to view it.  How many people must have walked past Patrick these last few months?  It was horrific enough when we thought she kept him confined in the filth and darkness of her apartment.  A dirty little secret kept hidden like that of a crackwhore creeping in and out of crack houses looking for their next score.  But now we know the abuse was in open view of a 550 unit complex.  How many times did this “security officer” pass this dog before coming forward to the police with this information “after” the reward was offered.  The following is a quote from Ortman:

“Kisha Curtis lived in subhuman conditions when I went to her place. The front door was barely on its hinges, and the apartment was virtually unlivable. Human Services has been at her apartment, security visits, domestic violence issues and the Division of Family Services were there many times. It hardly made sense she would have been taking care of a dog, but I had no legal grounds to do anything, except I never forgot the look in that puppy’s face when I left.”

How many people and organizations had passed Patrick while investigating the countless accusations against “the accused?”  How many times had Ortman also passed the Pit tethered in a stark hallway with no food or water and ribs protruding like a carcass picked clean of its flesh. 

Ortman claims to have reported “the accused” because of his love for animals.  I personally find this hard to believe since he came forward only AFTER the reward was offered.

I have often wondered since this story broke why none of “the accused” friends ever came forward to help Patrick.  Now the story is much more disturbing because neither friends, officials, nor neighbors made the decision that Patrick’s life was worth saving.  I’m glad I don’t live in the 550 unit complex. I’m glad my workload isn’t so overloaded that the thought of helping a helpless tethered dog doesn’t even register on my compassion radar. 

You can read Cheryl Hanna’s full interview here:


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  1. Well said. A really sad state of affairs. Our voices need to be heard…a lot of us have written letters to the NJ Governor’s office as well as to the Mayor of Newark, Cory Booker. Mr. Booker did respond to my barrage of tweets on Twitter by saying “We are investigating and have a big initiative coming up. and it isn’t just NWK this is a national problem.” Let’s hope they really are ready to make changes in the law and that the laws for animal abuse will be at the felony level. She doesnt deserve to breathe the same air as Patrick or any other living creature.

  2. If its a felony now to injure or kill a police dog, why did the law stop there? Its a felony to injur or kill any human, not just a police office, so why not have animal abuse and neglect be a felony? We just had a case here in Northern MN of a man that kicked his girlfriends dog in the head, the dog had to be put down, but really, shouldn’t they guy be put down? Just a thought.

  3. mark ortman can be reached online at

  4. This is mark a. Ortman u can send comments to me Direcrly at….despite the passionate disagreement I have toward many of the online bloggers/users one has to welcome ALL comments in a free speech society Mark

  5. Focus the attention on Patrick’s abuser and don’t make unfounded accusations

  6. Poor Patrick! OMG my prayers go out to that lil guy! I can’t believe that he got this bad off in only a month. It should be more like 2 months. Can you imagine his pain? Doesn’t look like she missed too many meals. I don’t understand how a freak can just walk pass a starving animal. When Patrick finally laid down to die, did that “piece of crap” just step over him with a sandwich in her mouth?! If she has any friends who knew, they are just as guilty. I have 5 dogs, 3 of which I adopted because someone couldn’t feed them. Well that’s bull to me! Do without something so that your pet can have food, or give it away, or worse case scenerio…turn the dam dog loose so it can find food. It can’t find food tied up or locked in a crack house!

  7. I totally agree with you on all of the above.As per a recent interview with Dr.Scavelli and Dr. Lisa Bongiovanni,who have both taken care of Patrick since the beginning,this took MONTHS to happen.Now the choir boy Ortman has another story.I called out all his inconsistencies in your next post.Thanks for feeling the same as I do..angry! Especially since the true heros (the maintenance men) never have come forward.Ortman is contacting anyone offering his story..which keeps changing
    And his email address what a hypocrite “protector031”..he wasn’t Patrick’s protector!

  8. […] Investigating the Abuse of Patrick ( […]

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