So far there have been over 25,000 signatures collected.  We need THOUSANDS MORE.   The petition is intended for the Mayor of New Jersey (Booker Gary Mcarthy and the New Jersey Police Dept)

Let’s show the accused (Kisha Curtis the I’m the despicable human being along with Michael Vick) that people care about what she did and won’t let this silently fall away…

Please sign today and make your voice/signature count.

Read Patrick’s story here:


5 Responses

  1. Procecute to the fullest..

  2. 26,810 5:15 pm March 29 Michele Trautlein MN

    Thanks for letting me know this was there! I hope more and more people sign it, I am reposting it to my FB page. 🙂

  3. The monsters mother claims that someone gave her daughter the
    dog and she couldn’t take care of it, so the daughter tied the dog to
    the railing hoping that someone would adopt him. Any reponsible,
    loving human being would take the dog to a shelter, not let it starve.
    Both of them are heartless and cruel. Patrick is getting better and
    is being cared for by loving human beings.

  4. Let’s place Kisha Curtis and Micheal Vick in a cage and let these 2 vicious “animals” fight to the death……AND THEN PAINFULLY KILL THE WINNER. I’ll buy a front row seat.

  5. Ms. Kisha Curtis was obviously raised in a home that placed no value on animals. I don’t know if this is a cultural defect but respect ,responsibility and reverence for living beings should be demanded of children by their parents. When I was 6 or 7 years old, I was playfully rough with the family cat. I DID NOT SERIOUSLY HURT HIM IN ANY WAY. My parents rightly took turns “beating the crap out of me”. I learned from that correct discipline that hurting any animal was inappropriate behavior. Not that Ms. Curtis should not be held fully accountable for her heinous crimes against a truly innocent dog but I wonder if her failure of a mother shoulders any responsibility or has any remorse over this atrocity as this suffering would HAUNT any person with an ounce of decency/empathy. KARMA and JUDGEMENT DAY notwithstanding, Ms. Curtis deserves a HARD MISERABLE PRISON SENTENCE for her wanton cruelty and neglect. Conditions of her parole should forbid her ever having or coming in contact with another animal! And may this entire debacle affect some change in the lives of abuse neglected pets.AND STRONGER ANIMAL PROTECTION LEGISLATION!!

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