How would it feel to be judged on how you look? Of course many parts of the world still practice prejudice in many forms. And so as a society, we speak out against judging upon one’s looks.

But what if it’s “just” a dog…?

The story is about Lennox… a five-year old American Bull dog Lab mix that was wrongfully seized by the Belfast City Council Dog Wardens on May 19th of 2010. (Otherwise known as “NAZI” regime) Lennox did nothing wrong. His crime was “looking” like a Pit Bull. You see….Belfast has a “you can’t look, or resemble, or be a Pit Bull because we will snuff you out” ordinance.

The Dog Wardens (again otherwise known as “Nazi” regime) came to the owner’s home unannounced and proceeded to visit with the family enjoying some tea and crumpets, or whatever people in Ireland enjoy.  At some point the NAZIs measured Lennox with a tape measure and determined at that time that his “measurements” resembled that of a Pit Bull.  Seriously…that was their basis.  He was then immediately seized and taken from the home…nearly one year ago.  It was decided with no compassion or validity that Lennox was to be put down.

Lennox’s family has been fighting for his life and freedom ever since.  His family has always done what was required for a responsible dog owner, including neutering, licensing, insuring and having his DNA registered.  Seriously Belfast Dog Warden…what else do you want?  But that wasn’t enough for the NAZI regime, they determined by a tape measure that Lennox is not worthy to live.   As they deem him unworthy for life, they also accept Lennox’s license fee every year… and continue to do so. 

That’s not all folks…on the day Lennox was seized the NAZI regime issued his owners with a “warrant to seizure” which was incorrectly addressed and was sent elsewhere.  Let’s just say the NAZI regime appear to resemble the “Keystone cops.”

To make matters even worse, shortly after Lennox was seized, one of the NAZI regime called the owner and said “If you do not sign him over to us to be DESTROYED, then you will most certainly lose your job as we will force prosecution upon you through the courts.”  Are you serious NAZI regime? You are now threatening his livelihood as well as beloved member of his family…seriously?

Lennox’s whereabouts have never been released to the family and they have yet to visit him, or get any valuable updates as to the condition of their beloved family member. 

One photograph recently emerged of Lennox sitting isolated in a lone kennel with neither food, water, nor any toys to keep him occupied or stimulated…let alone human affection. 

This treatment is deemed humane and acceptable by the City Council Dog Wardens Department…otherwise known as…..yes…you got it….NAZI regime.  Perhaps the regime need to review the Animal Welfare Act of 2006.

The bottom line is this…After months of pleading and hard work by animal advocates, the Judge residing in the case of Lennox has ruled in favor of the NAZI regime, and has also ruled the family must pay for Lennox’s cost of confinement.

What can you do???

Contact these agencies as soon as possible and let them know the world is watching the outcome of Lennox, and we still not be silent:

– Belfast City Council –

Belfast City Council Complaints:

Belfast City Council Chief Executive:

Belfast City Council Health & Enviromental Manager:

Belfast City Council Dog Warden Department:

Belfast City Council Dog Warden Manager:

Belfast City Council Dog Warden:

Belfast City Council Dog Warden:


39 Responses

  1. The whole world knows that lennox IS NOT a dangours dog. He should be released RIGHT NOW! And for judge “KEN NIXON” you should go to spec savers cause obviosly your not seeing the truth about this innocent dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dear Lord Jesus, Step into this situation right now and free this dog immediately back to his family. Blessed Mary intercede with Jesus on behalf of Lennox! AMEN, Charlene and Joseph.. nyc, usa

  3. This makes me think of the Salem witch hunt and of Hitler. It is so hard for me to believe that this is happening in 2011. I have pets and I would be devastated if someone took any of them just because they look a certain way. I would want to harm that person for sure. I know that the people responsible will be judged by the highest power. This highest power cannot be fooled. May God have as much mercy for them as they have had for Lennox.

    BSL is wrong and must be repealed.

  4. what the hell!!! look at him in that picture. do these people have no heart? its absolutely disgusting. this picture breaks my heart. let him go home for god sake.

  5. Please everyone – read, leave your comments and share on Belfast City Council condemns Lennox to death to-death?fb_comment_id=fbc_10150352792209889_21306700_10150352985834889

  6. what an outrage,you can not tar one dog with the same brush as another, for a start lennox is’nt a fullpit and has done nothing wrong,people need to be educated about these types of dog,

  7. I AM shocked and appalled at the way in which Belfast CC are treating this beautiful boy LENNOX. It is completely inhaumane, and as for the dog wardens who have lied well, what comes around goes around!!! hope you can live with what you have done to this poor boy and his family. As for the judge well,what is he on??????? Has he been to see this poor poor lennox,i very much doubt it and the filthy conditions he has been kept in for over a year now,the sores he has ,need i go on…. Talk about the way people have been treated in the Iraq war well, this is worse!!! Go have a look at yourselves in the mirror and,ask yourselves if the LIES you have told B CC about this poor boy are right!!! The answer would be NO NO NO NO NO NO…… Shame on you,hang your heads low….

  8. Hey, because I’m half Irish with red hair and green eyes, does that make me a part of the IRA? Or because I live in the South (Chattanooga, TN, USA), does that make me a part of the KKK? Or because my husband is half German, does that make him a part of Hitler’s Nazi Regime? And because I own cats, does that mean I hate dogs? This is mindless stupiduty and thoroughly disgusting. So however it helps, I am sending this also to Yolanda Elwood @

    • This case just gets worse,the more you read the more heartbreaking it is.To know that the so-called law know that Lennox is innocent and they still have him locked up,speaks volumes about the law as a whole!!!! All the evidence is there to Free Lennox,but still they seem intent on killing him!It takes a real man/women to admit they got it wrong,so wrong and,they cant. There is so many bits to this case that is floored and should have just been thrown out but,it hasn’t.They all must be very corrupt thats all i can say.The judge for some reason keeps saying they haven’t shown him a new point of law,well the fact the wardens lied under oath and the ex police-dog handler,yes EX (why is this,surely it should be one that is employed not an ex police-dog handler)surely that is point enough and should have been thrown out,they went to the wrong house,Lennox has had DNA and proves he is not what they keep referring to him as, he is a LABRADOR/AMERICAN BULLDOG. So i ask,just what is @belfastccplaying at,going to murder an innocent dog.If you’ve never loved an animal,you’ve never loved at all,its unconditional….. They have gone way farther then they legally should with this case and i’m not sure why,the lawyer working on behalf of the famil cannot do anything about this.corrupt and animal cruelty physical and mental on poor innocent lennox @belfastcc

      • Are you deliberatly misunderstanding this situation.
        1) DNA determines genetics. Being TYPE is based on size/shape visuals/muscle groupage etc and not on the breed.
        2) The expert is an EX dog handler, Ex because he has put his 30yrs in so that makes him an expert.
        3) The DDA is a bad law but is not just in NI, It is all over the UK and a lot of other countries as well.
        4) The judge is not corrupt. Just because you do not understand the law does not make him corrupt.
        5) The reason this case has stretched on is the family keep appealing, as is their right, so the Judge has to work within the law. This whole case, including the families costs are all paid for by legal aid and the state.
        6) What lies have the dog wardens made. If they had lied why did the families legal team not bring this up in court. Simple answer is because they did not lie.
        7) How can you claim the dog is kept in filthy condition. He is in a secret location for his safety so how can people comment on his condition.
        My advice, do not always believe what people tell you. learn for yourself, learn about the law, learn the facts before making wild assumptions and accusations.

      • pictures don’t lie!!!! and the case as a whole is corrupt.Read the whole story not just bits! it’s cruelty physically and mentally.The facts speak for themselves.Read.

    • Please people stop making this an Irish issue… this is an English issue as they have treated humans the same way for over 900 years now…. Belfast is part of the occupied counties of Ireland that were illegally taken away form the Irish… there is no law in Ireland like this only in English controlled towns… believe me if they can treat people the way thay have treated Irish Catholics for all these years they could care less about dogs…. they must be stopped and maybe if they get the message that you cant kill a dog for no reason it will resonate with them about people as well… KEEP UP THE FIGHT and KEEP UP THE PRESSURE

  9. you are a disgusting person heather and i’m sure a pig headed bureaucrat yourself…and the fact that other pig councils practice this is irrelevant, and does not make it right or just. And what the hell are you talk’n about “in a secret location for his own safety” are you high !!! the point is exactly that they can’t see him and are not able to judge his condition, you TWIT!!!

    as my dear granny used to say “if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing….and shut your mouth 8p

  10. Well miss Heather leatherstraps or whatever your real name is,what do you have to say about the Ex police dog handler lieing in court FOR MONEY on other dog cases in UK and be shunned upon for lying by judge and others and this proven…speaks volumes about him dont you think,in the corrupt case of lennox the INNOCENT dog…. he also condones violence when so called trying to train dogs…all came out in court…..that and the fact he hates bully breeds and all this for money…an utter disgrace of a man….i just hope noe Belfast see him and the wardens for what they really are,dirty rotten liars who want to murder an innocent dog…SHAMEFUL…. YOU CLEARLY HAVE NOT READ THE CASE AS A HOLE…

    • HA! You tell her Andrea!! There is so much WRONG with this case it is sickening…

      • Absolutely i agree. Lennox up in court for the foght of his life 24th may 2012 with the court hearing this month 20th april. Please pray for his release…. Man is sick cruel and inhumane and what makes things worse is these people hide behind the LAW!!!!

  11. I would just like to ask Ms Leatherstraps about the first point she makes;

    “1) DNA determines genetics. Being TYPE is based on size/shape visuals/muscle groupage etc and not on the breed.”

    Does this not in itself show the absolute stupidity of this law, the people that enforce it and those that support it? If “type” is not determined by breed, why is it called “BREED Specific Legislation? Should that not be “Size Specific Legislation”? In that case, a lot of Labradors, Boxers, Dalmations, Collies had better start worrying!

    I have seen some of your previous comments re-Lennox and his family and sense there is more to your involvement than meets the eye. Your 6th point asks why the warden’s lies were not exposed in court. I could ask the same about some of your claims.

    • well said Jane…Miss leatherstraps,as she calls herslef is definately one of the HATE campaigners from the lennox case.The lies did come out in court,with picture evidence too,which is why the case is so corrupt.there is about 20 really hateful people against lennox and his beloved owners who are going on to any site they can to abuse the situation…. This whole case is fraught with corruption from start to finish and he should never have been taken in the first place.My only hope is he will be freed on 24th may, his court date. 2 years locked away in total isolation is torture in my eyes,would not be able to getaway with that with a person his welfare has been compromised on so many levels and heads need to role over this,starting from the top down!!!FREE BEAUTIFUL LENNOX,WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP FOR HIS FREEDOM XX

  12. this is so barbaric if the owners have done everything asked of them to keep their beloved pet then what right has anyone to take him, he is still a living creature and has done nothing wrong ,it is disgraceful , what breed will it be next . i hope that he will be given back to the owners soon and my hopes go to them i support them 100 percent ,please keep everyone updated of his story

  13. you are disgusting to use the word NAZI, do you even know about the holocaust? You cannot compare the capture of a dog (which is being done so to protect people) to the holocaust in which millions of people were killed for no reason but they were jewish. You are disgusting people and some be ashamed of yourselves. Animal cruely is wrong but the intention was nott animal cruelty it was protecting people. I have no problem with this campaign and if the dog is not s pitbul and not breaking rules that are in place it should not be put down BUT I am absolutely appalled at the use of the words NAZI REGIME.

    • Nazi word is used b’cos what the BSL law is all about is judging a dog solely on looks which is similar to what hitler was all about with his nazi regime,except that was human… lennox is NO pitbull(not that anyything is wrong with them) he is an american bulldog/labrador x… he is non aggressive so where you get off saying the bcc taking him is for the good of people…i really dont know… lennox has never done anything but BCC have done everything in their power to abuse and mistreat this poor dog,,,so before you spout off read the case as a whole not, just the bits you choose to read….. and yes, the judges are bloody corrupt…many point of law has been reached by which lennox should be free but ,they chose to dismiss expert opinion for a lieing ex police dog handler and dogwarden who, are no experts and lied and perjured them self in court……

    • I’m APPALLED that you can’t see the comparison…I think you are disgusting because you are so ignorant. I wish I had a “block” button to stop ignorant people from posting on my blog.

    • there is nothing wrong with using the term Nazi… just for a history lesson the Nazis killed as many non Jews as they did Jews….also this is no different then how the English have treated the Irish for 900 years.. unjustly locking them up and in many cases killing.. they do not value life..human or animal

  14. So am I, they need to really stop saying NAZI. It does no good and makes them look stupid.

    • Let’s just say I don’t give a “flying shit” what you think about the interpretation of “NAZI REGIME” When somebody comes in and takes a “member” of your family because of the way they “look” it is NAZI BEHAVIOR. So “Miss Floweryapron” go take your whining someplace else.

  15. Sorry to be ignorant about this issue. I noticed the article was written in April 2011 and it is now July 2012. Can someone pls fill me in on Lennox’ situation? Thank you.

    • Unfortunately like Andrea said…Lennox and his family has just lost their final battle…and he will be killed in the next few days…without being allowed to see his owners one last time. Many believe Lennox was either put down or died long ago and it has been covered up. That is also my belief…All we can do is continue fighting against the ignorance of others…never an easy battle.

  16. lennox is due to be murdered tomorrow 9th july or tuesday 10th july….. this will never ever be forgotten or forgiven…. those ppl invloved in this vindictive crime of murder of an innocent sentient being will one day pay for their sins……we have still not given up and wont….but BCC are hiding something………

  17. please let the poor dog go home where he belongs, his family need him.

  18. people are jumping on the bandwagon here without knowing the whole story. The dogs looks may have attracted the dog wardens attention but it wasn’t the reason the dog was taken. If the owners were more responsible and the dog wasn’t aggressive and unpredictable it wouldn’t have been taken. Pitbulls can be returned to responsible owners.
    Unfortunately they cannot be homed to anyone else but the original owner.
    Personally I know pitbulls can be great dogs, no danger to people at all.
    I have heard the dog warden who took Lennox has turned a blind eye to pitbulls in the past but unfortunately Lennox went for her.
    What if she let him stay there and he attacked someone someday?

    • lennox never did a thing to the warden she lied….also where are u getting your facts he is not pitbull….he is a lab/american bulldogx…. that does not make him a pitbull…he is not how dare you slag the family saying the owners should be more responsible………………one things for sure this is not going to go away ever and BCC will have to answer for all their dirty tricks and lies….they have lied from the very beginning and used non experts for evidence….. Lennox was a beautiful family dog who never harmed anyone and nor we he he was brought up correctly and knowing right from wrong which, reading what you’ve put i doubt very much you were….. oh the lies…they just carry on …obvious who you are………………….


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