It’s funny…just yesterday Patrick’s story was mentioned by a family member.  Yes, it was mentioned that thousands of people and organizations are outraged by Patrick’s treatment and near starvation, however, very little was said or done regarding the death of a 4-year-old that was found starved, battered and drugged in Brooklyn, New York.  Two ex welfare workers and her mother have been charged in Marchella Brett-Pierce’s death.

Yes…let me make it abundantly clear…the case of Marchella’s battered life is truly horrendous, and needs to be heard loud and clear.  But, instead of condemning those who have “chosen” to be the voice of Patrick, take your “own” voice and advocate for Marchella, instead of condemning those of us that has chosen to use Patrick as our cause.  

We can ALL be heard if we put our voices together and make it clear that abuse of any kind is unacceptable.  Regardless if it is directed towards a faithful canine companion or innocent child.  This is not a battle between the “animal lovers” and the rest of the world.  We are advocating for compassion among all….it just so happens our mascot is that of Patrick.  We are advocating against the likes of Michael Vick, Kisha Curtis, and Marchella’s mother.  They are all of the same moral character…they have none.

You…can make your mascot whatever you “choose” it to be…just do it.

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9 Responses

  1. It’s beyond me why people would be upset at people caring about Patrick or any other animal that is abused because they say they care more about the children. Most abuse, neglect and serial murders start with animal abuse. That being said I for one am fully aware that we all need to be a voice for those who can not speak, and that includes children. The two causes are supported beautiful by the American Human Association, they understand that quiet suffering comes in quite a few different packages, but they all need to be saved.

  2. Well said….well said.

  3. Seriously! You have to be kidding.. there is much more justice for humans than animals… You have no right to comment on who is following what… I will always be active in animal rights. Animals DO NOT HAVE A VOICE. So keep your opions to yourself.

  4. OK its obvious to me that no one except the blog owner has read my whole response, or they are not understanding what I have said, I have always been an advocate for animals, that has not and will never change. What I said was that people can champion both causes easily and people shouldn’t be telling others which causes to support. Does that clear it up a little?

    • I for one can confirm that Coupon Queen is a HUGE animal lover and advocates for animal rights. Her comment simply confirmed what I was trying to state in my post. There is room for ALL to advocate for their own causes. We (animal lovers) do not need to apologize for advocating so strongly for Patrick, and dog’s with similar fates…

  5. Good post, I have five Border Collies myself.

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