Mark Ortman, the Security Officer for Garden Spires Apartments, recently sent me an email regarding his involvement with Patrick.  I told him I would post his reply….and I am.   I am even leaving in the part where he calls me a “young lady.”   I appreciate his response, and although he is angry at the accusations he keeps his response on point.   If his recollection is correct, I apologize for demonizing him in my earlier post.

 If these are the accurate timelines and events…then I feel a little bit better because maybe Patrick wasn’t abandoned by all.  Maybe Curtis’s actions were more devious and secretive, like I suspected in the beginning.  If his timelines are correct, Patrick’s downward spiral began approximately a month prior to being discovered in the garbage bin.  I really do hope his timelines and recollection is correct, I hope at least part of Patrick’s life was a normal dog’s life…

But…I really really hope Patrick’s life and health continues to improve and he is given the “Second Chance” Michael Vick has enjoyed for being a really really good football player, because everybody knows that’s what redemption is all about to football fans. 

 To Patrick’s fans…second chances are about a “new and better life” for a dog that never did anything deserving of his treatment or abuses… 

Here is Mark Ortman’s response to my earlier post:





You need to brush up on your facts young lady….the dog was “thethered” up there on 2 separate occassions and was NEVER is a starved state at ANYTINE when initially located there!!….BOTH times patrick was found there he was immediately taken IN by kisha curtis and the situation was resolved… both times he was fine and healthy and playful    he was located up there by ME….there was NO reason to call animal control at that point because BOTH times kisha adhered to my objections and returned the dog to her unit    she owned AND controlled the dog  not me…it was NOT my dog to take or seize nor was the dog in ANY kind of abused / neglected state….after kisha took the dog INdoors the 2nd time I NEVER, EVER saw the dog again  !!!….until the day the property manager notified me that the dog had been recovered in the garbage room….it was RIGHT at that moment that i thought of the dog i had encountered over 1 month ago on kisha curtis floor…i called the humane police while obtaining kishas date of birth and social security number and her cell phone number at the same time…the humane POLICE had zero leads when they arrived at my property, they had two apartments to check out that were nowhere near 19A 195(kishas apartment) that i had give them from the getgo…i stuck to my “suspect” right from the beginning and NEVER wavered in telling ALL that it was kisha curtis and the dog tht i encountered up on that landing both times!!….i was SURE of this   finally it was me who , over the telephone lured kisha to her apartment so that we could capture her and bring her to be accountable and responsible to the dogs abused/starved state..!!….the humane service police had NO such leads nor any idea who kisha curtis was nor how involved she was…at anytime, until they arrived here..!!   since that time i have been taking an unfair, inaccurate scorching online for being some money grubbing, greedy, uncaring soul driven only by $2000 dollar reward   unfair and untrue!!   what in the world is wrong with pursuing a properly posted reward IN ADDITION to being JUST as disgusted and stunned by what happened to this dog as ANYONE else in this country??       they dont know me!!   YOU dont know me…did you ever think of giving me a chance??  have you ever spoken to me??    do you know me??…have you ever met me?    why do you and all the others who spewed their anger and venom at me online think that YOU corner the market on sorrowful feelings and concern toward patrick??….you dont   i was driven FIRST and FOREMOST by the horrifying images of patrick just like you were….people, as in this case the ASPCA posted a reward to get people EXTRA motivated to go after the offender….its done all the time   by multiple agencies(police dept.s, FBI, US marshal services etc)….if youre telling me that it was immoral or unethical to be EXTRA driven by BOTH the disgust of what happened to patrick AS WELL AS $  then you are just as big a phony as you portray me to be….and if that’s also true then are you critisizing the non profit group who POSTED the reward itself?   along with me??    i dont follow your logic….who are you or anyone else to think that you can accurately climb into my head and tell ME and all others WHAT motivated me to capture Kisha???   get to know me…..ask me    question me    but dont draw a premature bottom line about my character without knowing Mark Ortman….ok   thanx  In a message dated 4/3/2011 11:20:27 A.M. Pacific Daylight Time

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33 Responses

  1. Ms. Castleberry,

    I have read your articles, the responses & the reply from Mr. Ortman. I do not understand why you feel the need to criticize Mr. Ortman for what you claim he did & did not do. Yes this is a horrific situation, but as Mr. Ortman stated, Patrick appeared to be in good health & spirits both times he was found in the hallway & Ms. Curtis immediately brought him back into her apartment. Mr. Ortman also stated “I had no legal grounds to do anything, except I never forgot the look in that puppy’s face when I left.”

    You stated in your article “She (Ms. Curtis) was told by Animal Control that she could not keep a dog tethered in the hallway” and that that the last time Mr. Ortman saw Patrick until this incident. Apparently Animal Control was aware of a neglect situation.

    If you want to, place blame on tenants that live in the Garden Spires Apartment Complex? Oh wait, you did. However you did not pass judgment on them to the same degree as you did Mr. Ortman. Do you not think they saw the condition of Patrick on a daily basis as they live there?

    You also go on to ask why none of Ms. Curtis’s friends reported her. Well according to you she is a “crackwhore creeping in and out of crack houses looking for their next score.” If this statement is true, there is a distinct possibility Ms. Curtis has no friends that would step up & help her, let alone Patrick.

    Yes, I also agree with Mr. Ortman that there is no reason whatsoever that he should not be able to receive the reward offered. Not only did he do his job, he is also the one that stuck to his guns about whom he felt Patrick’s owner was, & he was obviously correct.

    I hope Ms. Curtis receives the maximum punishment allowed for these heinous acts as well as Mr. Ortman is given the reward he is due for his role in this matter.

    Lastly, I find it outrageous that anyone would compare Mr. Ortman with the likes of Michael Vick.


    • I am not comparing Mark Ortman to Michael Vick. I am comparing Kisha Curtis to Michael Vick because they are of the same moral character. They have none. I have posted Mark Ortman’s response because I wanted him to have a chance to clear up any misunderstandings about Patrick’s life up to the time he was rescued. I have had numerous conversations with Mark Ortman and I will be posting another follow up soon. As for Curtis not having any friends…she had 188 Facebook friends before somebody took her profile down.

  2. If I ever had to “order” someone to take their dog inside and treat it right, I would call Animal Control. If I saw the same dog a second time being tied up and ignored, I would call Animal Control and the Media. There is something wrong with anyone who needs to be told to take proper care of an animal. For the sake of the animal, I would call authorities.
    Anyone who lives by blood money, dies by blood money. Personally, I would donate and and all reward money towards Patrick’s care. If it wasn’t about money I believe that is what anyone would do.
    Just My Thoughts. Praying for Patrick and all the Animals who are abused and homeless.

    • I’m with ya “Dog Lover Denise.” I continue to pray for Patrick.

      • I just want to make sure everyone knows where this happened. Mr. Ortman is a security guard in the projects in Newark, he’s not working at the Hampton. He risked his life by coming forward and without him NJSPCA would have doo squat, nothing, nada, zip as far as capturing Patrick’s abuser. People are in danger in this area of Newark, he’s getting paid to protect PEOPLE not animals.

    • lives by blood money??? a mere $25000?? get real you dumb bitch denise Mark Ortman

      • Mark, it is unbelievable  how vicious and mean people can be on face book.  But there is a meanness in the world today that is hard to live with. I made the mistake of buying the New York Daily news and read about a twelve year old, a damn 12 year old, who saw a kitten in front of someone’s house and after tossing it around with her friends decided to toss it in front of a car to be crushed. What is wrong with people. No sympathy, no empathy. Too much of it today. It wasn’t fair the way they ripped AHS up on face book and it wasn’t fair the way they persecuted you. Have to look at the good in the world or the bad will bury us.  There are a lot of good people doing nice things. Like you! Barb

      • i do NOT know WHO posted my name under the “dumb bitch comment” and dont appreciate the prankster who did so….i dont talk to women that way…..and just for the record the reward was $2,500.00 NOT 25000……THIS is Mark A.Ortman

  3. Leave Mr. Ortman alone. He did the right thing, and nobody has the right to question his intentions. If a reward was offered, he should receive it. Kisha Curtis needs to go to jail for as long as allowed by law, but Mr. Ortman (and the maintenance worker and supervisor) are heroes. Folks need to stop bad-mouthing Mr. Ortman. His response makes perfect sense to me.

  4. After reading Mr. Ortman’s response, I sounds like a very genuine and caring man. In addition, I have read articles about that apartment complex and can’t imagine not only living there, but working there as well. With all the drugs and killings in and around that complex, I can’t imagine what Mr. Ortman sees on a daily basis. Nonetheless, I think Mr. Ortman went above and beyond with his investigation work to help capture the abuser, even when the local authorities were not listening to him the first time. Reward or not, he could of turned a bling eye to it, just like everyone else did (i.e. neighbors, friends, family of her’s). You have to remember, in those kinds of “neighborhoods”, people ususally don’t say a word and keep their mouths shut. Mr. Ortman did his job as a security officer and if he does get the reward he derseves it. If it donates it, it just makes him a better man.

  5. I think that it’s only fair to give Mr. Ortman the benefit of the doubt on all counts. Everyone is outraged at what happened to Patrick, and we all want to assign blame–that’s only natural. But it’s important that that blame isn’t misplaced. Mr. Ortman claims that Patrick seemed fine during each of his two encounters with him, and not a single person has come forward to suggest that Mr. Ortman is lying. To suggest otherwise is irresponsible.
    It certainly seems that Mr. Ortman went out of his way to make sure that the police were able to identify and detain Patrick’s owner , and I see no reason not to take him at his word that he was motivated by concern and by the same kind of outrage and sense of compassion that we all felt when we heard Patrick’s story–and that financial gain was not his motivation. Besides, it’s grossly unfair to claim to know what was in his heart when he made the call, and it isn’t as though he made the call and said, “Promise me the reward and THEN I’ll give you the information”. He made the call for the right reasons. A reward was offered, and there’s no reason in the world that his motives should be called into question for having accepted it.
    It seems clear that it is because of Mr. Ortman’s efforts that the suspect was apprehended. We owe him gratitude (and the benefit of the doubt), not public excoriation.
    So, Mr. Ortman, thank you for making the extra effort to help and for doing the right thing, and I’m sorry that you dealt with all this needless stress.

  6. I dont feel anyone should be making accusitory remarks about anyone. I think we have the right to voice our opinions and what we may have done or not done. See, that will always be different for everyone. Its always so easy to judge others. We werent there, we dont really have All the facts , even though weve been told. See, once a moment passes, I mean just one second of time has passed, the whole situation is different, its changed forever..The things that were in place at that moment, people, situations, etc, thats all changed in the blink of an eye. So, you cant really “know” I believe Mr. Ortman. And, for “his” situation and that very moment and at that time, he did what he thought was best, he did what he could.
    Maybe he should have called animal control right away, I know we all say we would have done so. Would we?? That horrible wretched woman took him inside, what should he have done? called animal control and told them that he “was” tied up on the rail? but he’s not now, ok???? Im just saying, two sides people, lets concentrate on theese poor little lost souls that people feel the need to throw away or abuse, lets concentrate on FIXING that, maybe if we ban “together” we can accomplish more that ripping apart..

    • I disagree that you can’t call animal control just because a person complies with an initial request to take better care of a dog (in this case, to move him from the stairwell back into the apartment). I’ve called animal control numerous times in my neighborhood when a dog was being neglected or mistreated, even though I already had a talk with the owners. Having animal control officers visit the owners to educate and warn them, if necessary, is more effective than just one individual telling another one what to do, even if that individual is a security guard. Apparently Ms. Curtis didn’t heed him, anyway, as she put Patrick out there again. Let the animal control officers decide if the dog needs to be removed from the home or what needs to take place. Just telling someone like her to bring Patrick back inside what Mr. Ortman previously described as an unliveable space is not really helping the dog at all. YES, call animal control whenever you suspect an animal is not being taken care of properly, even if the particular situation you noted is not occurring when the officers get there!

  7. Let’s not let Keisha Curtis off the hook. If they won’t convict her in a court of law, let the court of public opinion convict her.

  8. Thanks for publishing Mr. Ortman’s email. At least the prosecutors might have a timeline of sorts to go by regardless of Mr. Ortman’s level of involvement in this case. Maybe if Keisha Curtis was a famous athlete she would’t have to worry about her fate. She, like Michael Vick , would be whisked away from the public scrutiny of this case and sheltered until this whole thing blows over. Unfortunately for Keisha, she decided to become a crack whore who dabbled in pornography — not quite as glamorous as a famous football star. Keisha Curtis and Michael Vick deserve to burn in Hell for what they did. People of their character ALWAYS seem to have excuses for the inexcusable acts of pain and suffering they impose on others — even when those “others” happen to be helpless animals.

  9. As per the Pet Stop News 12 show from this past weekend:
    Dr. Scavelli stated” that he probably hadn’t eaten at any reasonable level in months maybe longer” and Dr Bongiovanni agreed.
    And they both said this took MONTHS to happen to him.

    This guy has more inconsistencies and stories than anything.
    Check out the initial article I read on him:
    It made me cry .Now he claims that Patrick was fine.”the dog was “thethered” up there on 2 separate occassions and was NEVER is a starved state at ANYTINE when initially located there!!….BOTH times patrick was found there he was immediately taken IN by kisha curtis and the situation was resolved… both times he was fine and healthy and playful he was located up there by ME….there was NO reason to call animal control at that point because BOTH times kisha adhered to my objections and returned the dog to her unit she owned AND controlled the dog not me…it was NOT my dog to take or seize nor was the dog in ANY kind of abused / neglected state…”

    OK the two vets treating him said it took get this way .
    Not per Mark:.”at both times he was fine and healthy and playful”-per the above.Also above:”was NEVER is a starved state at ANYTINE when initially located there!!”

    This guy is more interested in getting the limelight on himself(especially with putting his stupid email all over- “protector” ..yeah but not for Patrick.) This guy seems to have more stories out there than GSVS ,the hospital treating him who deserves the limelight,why? Because they are worried about Patrick..and humble.They don’t seem to be looking for media.Ortman seems to be the one doing the initial contacting of everyone ,to get his story out .

    Hopefully whatever the truth is he tells it at the trial.Hopefully he doesn’t lie to try and cover his own butt,for not coming forward sooner.Here are the initial statements in the examiner article:”Kisha Curtis lived in subhuman conditions when I went to her place. The front door was barely on its hinges, and the apartment was vitually unlivable. Human Services has been at her apartment, security visits, domestic violence issues and the Division of Family Services were there many times. It hardly made sense she would have been taking care of a dog, but I had no legal grounds to do anything, except I never forgot the look in that puppy’s face when I left.”

    and this was stated in the article -At the time the dog was thin and Curtis was told by Animal Control she could not let a dog live in the hallway.

    and also this direct quote:
    “I don’t know quite why I’m not getting any credit for helping in this investigation. I did it for the dog first because I am and have always been an animal lover, but I’m also interested in collecting the reward. After all it was because of me that the authorities got their information.”

    Regardless of Patricks’ weight even at that time ,any true” animal lover ” would have called the police,aspca,or who ever after seeing a dog tied to a stairwell.It happened twice that he admits.Give them the facts and let them decide if they need to pursue..however having a dog tied to a stairwell on more than one occasion is at the very least to me neglect.If he didn’t want to call because he felt he had no merit ,but after seeing Patrick’s face and having that make an impact on him, he should have checked up on him.We now know Patrick can bark.He is a fighter and this poor boy didn’t go down with out a fight.Why not go back and keep checking. I would have done all of the above.That is without a doubt.

    This is part of the problem with animal abuse -no one wants to get involved! Eventually I hope they also enact laws that those who see something and say nothing should get brought up on some charges too.

    Let’s not forget that the true heroes -the maintenance men and the heroes who saved his life.Ironic that they are really humble and not telling everyone about themselves.
    Mark does that and then goes recanting the story,or changing it to suit his needs.
    I just question the misunderstood heroes motives.I am glad that IF he did actually was the one to alert authorities ,that he did do it.But I don’t know that it was all for the right reasons.I only care because I think that this poor baby could have been saved months and months of agonizing starvation.My concern is for Patrick.It breaks my heart!

    As per Tammie Curtis (kisha’s supposed mother-though maybe a step mother?) she claimed that Patrick was tied to the stairs for only two weeks before he was found.Do I believe that no..Both stories have one common thread though.A dog was tied to a stairwell on more than two occasions.As a security guard there he didn’t see Patrick again? C’mon ..

    I think that Curtis was a monster and deserves the maximum sentence.I pray it will be jail time at the very least.I pray they can get her major jail time.Patrick Suffered A LOT! Poor thing ,the vets said they thought he had a broken back when he arrived because he couldn’t even lift his head.But I also think if anyone saw anything and didn’t do something they are almost as guilty.
    We need to be the voices for those that cannot-See something,say something!
    For Patrick and all the other poor animals out there!

  10. I must make one correction to some misinformation that is not the writer’s fault. People tend to confuse the different groups and their role in Patrick’s rescue. It was the Associated Humane Societies (AHS) that posted the reward regarding Patrick, no one else. Also , Patrick was as close to death as a living thing could be when Newark animal control officers brought his body to the AHS shelter in Newark. Dr. Bongiovani, thank God, made the decision to try to bring life back to this dog whose body temperature was so low it didn’t register on a thermometer. After several hours of getting Patrick stabilized enough to be transported, he was sent to GSVS where AHS has taken many animals in life/death situations over the years. AHS confirmed over the phone that they were responsible for any charges when they were asked about the bill. GSVS continued Partick’s care because he needed 24 hour care and the GSVS vet hospital provides that. The NJSPCA is responsible for charging the person responsible for Patrick’s abuse. They have nothing to do with his care or his bills. Patrick was lucky to have a lot of wonderful angels watching over him and the love of people around the world pulling for him. Thank you.

    • Thank you for the update and correction. I luv them all….

    • Barbara,
      Yes, Dr. Bongiovanni decided to give Patrick fluids and a blanket. I’m not sure why since verifiable state reports show that she euth’s dogs before the legal 7 day hold period. Perhaps Associated Humane Societies did tell GSVS they would be responsible for the bill incurred, but GSVS took donations for Patrick via a chip in which they closed in 2 days stating they had more than enough $ to continue Patrick’s care and encouraged folks to donate to AHS or their local shelters. I am a bit surprised that you are not aware of this since you are the treasurer at AHS. Again, Mark risked his life to come forward.

      • Lynn, once again, the amount of misinformation spouted by people who like to think they know it all is is unfair and inflammatory. I am not the treasurer of AHS so your information is at least 10 years old. The amount of money contributed by kind donors via GSVS’s paypal account opened under the AHS 501c3 designation was never accounted for or given to AHS by GSVS which is not a 501c3. And GSVS choose to keep that donate button on long after they had collected enough money to cover Patrick’s bill. We will probably never know how much money was donated directly to GSVS for Patrick, but I saw an unbelieveable number of boxes of items sent to them for Patrick. For you to say that Dr. Bongiovanni has euthanized animals before the seven day period is not only untrue but is libelous and inflammatory. She is a fine, conscientious veterinarian who works hard to save animals others may give up on. Also, the City of Newark via their mayor has always refused to pay for any medical care required to help injured animals brought into the shelter from that city. AHS pays all bills through their ResQ Fund. That includes the dog whose owner’s boyfriend kicked its eye out., another dog with chemical burns over 80% of its body, a dog found hanging from the spear of a wrought iron fence that had pierced its hing leg, and another dog whose brain could be seen through a cracked skull. All survived and had a chance at a new life thanks to AHS and Dr. Bongiovanni. Animals with terrible injuries come into AHS Newark weekly and thank God they do because they have the opportunity to survive if medically possible and find new homes.

  11. Hate all u want look for your precious inconsitencies all you want I caugjt her…plain,and simple and it will be ME in court not u…so blog all you want !! Patrick the Miracle Dog!!

    • Thank god you helped to find that evil woman!!!! Patrick is amazing now and we all need to be thankful for that. The only person to blame is the abuser. No one else!!!!

  12. First of all Mr. Ortman is not a Veterinarian, & nowhere that I have read has he claimed to be one. In his opinion Patrick, (can remind you, was/is a puppy) did not appear to malnourished either time he saw him. Mr. Ortman also stated that Patrick was playful, & that Ms. Curtis took him in both times & he did not see Patrick in the hallway or the building anytime after these two incidents.

    Yet again, some of you seem to forget Mr. Ortman stated “Kisha Curtis lived in subhuman conditions when I went to her place. The front door was barely on its hinges, and the apartment was virtually unlivable. Human Services has been at her apartment, security visits, domestic violence issues and the Division of Family Services were there many times.”

    Instead of trying to put the blame on Mr. Ortman for what has happened to Patrick, perhaps someone should look into the Property Manager as to why her door was not properly on its hinges? If Human Services & the Division of Family Services were there as well, how is it that they are not being held accountable? Mr. Ortman is ONE person. He is NOT a government agency that had the means, rights, opportunities or legal grounds to seize Patrick, or at a minimum fine Ms. Curtis, on any number of their visits to Ms. Curtis’s apartment.

    Therefore, maybe, just maybe we can stop bad-mouthing the one person that stuck to their guns & insisted that Patrick was in fact Ms. Curtis’s dog.

    I can only hope that some of you are this outspoken when something this heinous happens to a child or another human being…

  13. I just REALLY and truly find it hard to believe that it was not APPARENT that this dog was being abused/starved/neglected or whatever in the hell all of it is you want to call it! This dog looked like DEATH!!!!!!!! PURE DEATH and sure as hell did not get this way in ONE month!!!! It’s the “it’s not my dog, it’s not my problem” shitty attitude that I blame these folks for!!!! Everyone that came into contact with Patrick had to have known he was being severly neglected but it’s this whole shitty “I’m not getting involved mindstate” that leads the everyone seeing this dog RESPONSIBLE for his condition and and all the other abused, beaten and starved animals as well as children the folks like this woman turns a BLIND EYE too!!!!!! I sure as hell would have not taken the reward for personal gain, but to donate it to an animal shelter that needed it, as most of them do. But hey, that’s just the difference between an animal loving whistler blower and one that is not.

  14. I feel sorry for this man who got vilified. I never read all the posts about him and felt that blame was being thrown like shit. and it is still going on. People need to take time for facts to become facts not myths.

  15. All these controversies and innocent animal neglects and sufferings could be easily avoided by strict no pets policies in public housing.People living on fixed incomes are supremely challenged in providing living necessities for themselves let alone financially providing for pets. Yet somehow, “financially challenged” employed [porn industry] Ms. Curtis who most apparently could not provide dog food for starving Patrick had money to travel/vacation while her”pet” deteriorated. Any resident of Spiral Gardens in Newark who regularly saw Patrick’s deplorable condition and said nothing are in my opinion as culpable as Ms.Curtis. UNIVERSE, Please in the name of JUSTICE,don’t let this woman “get away with this horrific crime”!

  16. Americans are idiots! No wonder 9/11 happened to them! It was god’s way of teaching them that they are not so big and bad after all!

  17. I wonder if President Obama will be making calls on behalf of Ms.Curtis as he did for Michael Vick; profusely thanking the Philadelphia Eagles for giving a poor parolee a “second chance”. I had no idea the president was so compassionately interested in the plights of parolees. I know he is a master of time management finding the time to make calls on behalf of all released prisoners in the US.I wonder if he’ll have/make the time to inquire about Patrick? I don’t know if he ever inquired about Vick’s torture victims?

  18. Barbara, this site would not allow me to reply to you directly. You are listed on AHS’s 2010 990’s as board member/treasury. There are state reports going back 20 yrs in regards to AHS that are available for anyone to read online. Dr. Bongiovanni was putting dogs down before the 7 day hold. Mrs. Scavelli from GSVS has publically stated how much they received via the paypal account, it was $30,000. In 2 days, money that people from all over the world wanted Patrick, not AHS to have. As far as them being reimbursed they are paid $604,000 a year from the city of Newark for doing exactly what they did for Patrick and other animals in Newark. AHS takes in over $6 million a year in municipal contracts from 69 other municipalities in NJ. I hope everyone here will keep Mr. Ortman in their prayers for being so barve to come forward and lead NJSPCA(who showed up 3 days later) to Kisha Curtis and who will once again bravely testify at her trial. AHS offered a reward and Mr. Ortman desserves it.

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