Ok…I’ve decided Patrick is no longer going to be referenced as “Patrick the starved dog,” from now on he is going to be referred to as “Patrick the Survivor” on my blog.   Because he is a survivor…he is actually more than that…he is nothing short of a miracle.  He is to be referred to as “Patrick the miracle dog.”

He is a miracle because when he was first discovered in a garbage bin at Garden Spires Apartments he weighed a mere 20 lbs.  It was by far the most horrific case of animal starvation many had seen, as least as far as a dog surviving…

As of April 4th, Patrick weighed in at 25 lbs. A mere five pounds to some…but to Patrick, a major accomplishment.  His caregivers estimate Patrick to be approximately 1 years old, and his health is steadily improving.  One concern to Patrick’s caregivers is an obstruction that was discovered in Patrick’s abdomen, he is still eating and defecating so the good news is surgery can wait until Patrick becomes stronger. It is estimated the surgery may take place in as early as three weeks.

He is enjoying his daily walks but tires easily and according to GSVS staff members…he has problems with stairs….hmmmm….I wonder what could have caused that.  It may be his weakened state that gives him problems with stairs, or it may be his recent memory of events that leads him to believe stairs are not a good thing.

And yes….Patrick enjoys playing ball.  He doesn’t run as fast or far as his canine counterparts…but it doesn’t matter. He is enjoying a dog’s life now, surrounded by soft bedding, stuffed animals, and more love than anybody could hope for. 

Check out Patrick’s photo gallery and witness a MIRACLE:


Information on the upcoming torture case is below:

  • Patrick’s alleged abuser, Kisha Curtis is being tried May 6, 2011.

 Please note, the prosecutor’s office will not be accepting phone calls or emails for this case. Anyone hoping to voice their outrage, concern or opinion, is asked to either utilize fax or the good old-fashioned “snail” mail.

Faxes can be sent to the Essex County Prosecutor, Carolyn Murray at (973) 242-4901 or mail correspondence to the Prosecutor’s office at 50 West Market Street, Newark, NJ 07102.

 Correspondence will become a part of the general file to be used during the trial. Be sure to note on all correspondence that your letter is with regards to the Kisha Curtis/Patrick case.

  (If you do not have access to a fax, one of Patrick’s friends posted that you can use this online service for free: http://faxzero.com/)

 New Jersey SPCA:      

        phone: 1-800-582-5979

  • Mayor Corey Brooker’s office:

       (973) 733-6400

Most important of all is how we can make a difference. Below is information on Patrick’s movement. As usual there is some controversy as to how we move forward with “Patrick’s Law.”  Some believe it is necessary to fight for Patrick’s Law in every state, others believe we fight for tougher laws that involve all states.  So…some of the creators of the specific pages supporting the legislation are at odds.  It doesn’t matter…just choose your state or fight Nationally. 

The important thing is to “fight for Patrick the miracle dog” and make his story count…

Yes….It’s time despicable human beings like Michael Vick and Kisha Curtis pay dearly for their crimes, and not be considered hero’s or role models after they complete their prison term because they can throw a football.

Information on Patrick’s Law:

Patricks Movement page you can find the support page for your particular state on their central Patrick’s Movement page: https://www.facebook.com/PatrickTheNationalMovement#!/PatrickTheNationalMovement?sk=wall&filter=2    


5 Responses

  1. We are all so happy to watch Patricks improvement continuing in your wonderful staffs constant care. All our hearts just shout out with “Joy ” just seeing him bark to eat with such excitement. We all are so relieved & grateful for his precious life and recovery. Thank you from our hearts for your commititment to “Patrick” for he is truly a”Treasured Miracle” to the whole world.
    Tina & Holly & All Pet Parents 🙂

  2. I hope that Patrick will be adopted by a veterinarian, preferably one of his current caregivers. This would be better for his health monitoring, and would provide continuity snd bolster his emotional stability. Animals don’t like change….

  3. Would be happy if you continue putting in updates on Patrick because here in Italy obviously there is no news about him. Thanks for the info and I certainly hope that his abuser gets big time.

  4. […] APRIL 5th UPDATE ON PATRICK THE “SURVIVOR” (tcastle.wordpress.com) […]


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