Dear Whoopi,

Recently on the View, you stated that pet shops should not be banned from selling animals.  I must say I put this latest irresponsible comment of yours right up there with “It’s a cultural thing” when referring to Michael Vick‘s pleasure in fighting, torturing and killing dogs. 

Now…I realize the View loves controversy, and Donald Trump has been busy lately pretending he is going to run for President, but really….you honestly believe that you “know” what you are getting when adopting a purebred from a Pet Shop? So, in other words…when these puppy mills allow their breeding dogs to live in horrific conditions and breed without any regard to genetic quality or care, you honestly think you are getting a better companion than a shelter dog

You have the “right” to purchase a breed dog, but the shelter animals do not have a “right” to a second chance?  That’s where you want to put your priorities Goldberg?  Let’s see, I want a brand new “Bitch-Poo” breed because they are the latest craze and I don’t care about the gas chambers still used in many kill-shelters, or the last look the dog gives when he “KNOWS” his end is near. 

Well..let’s see…I want to watch a talk show that actually has responsible compassionate people, that are “somewhat” educated about the topic at hand before they spew ridiculous nonsense to millions of people.  I mean some uninformed people may actually “believe” your outlandish comment and instead of heading to the nearest shelter like they had planned, they call the nearest pet shop because Whoopi said it was a better dog…they want to know what they are getting.

In your Facebook response to the backlash, you defended yourself by stating you have friends who are pet shop owners and they love their animals.  Maybe they do…but you are missing the point.  The point is that while they are trying to create and promote the next breed craze, MILLIONS of dogs are being put to death every year that are already here…living and breathing…and waiting for somebody to rescue them.  And believe me…the love they give back is tenfold more than the love they receive.   

Really Whoopi don’t you have some broadway show to do…or movie or something?  At least on that platform your lines are scripted and you aren’t costing a loving caring companion their life…

Oh by the way…check out the list of dogs scheduled to be gassed in NYC kill shelter.  Make sure you look them in the eye as you view their pics and see what you have been missing.!/album.php?aid=56767&id=152876678058553


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  1. hi there! i stumbled upon your fabulous blog as i was reading up on patrick’s situation. you write so eloquently….thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world. i live in a wealthy are, where most of my friends feel the need to purchase their dogs from breeders. i just want to shake them and scream out just what you expressed in your whoopi letter post. appreciate the link to the nyc euth list….i will keep my eye on that for sure.

  2. Great open letter except NYACC does not gas dogs to kill them, they die by painful lethal injection. Gassing is outlawed in NY. Quite a few southern states gas or heartstick, and the heartstick chemical is the same one used for lethal injection. Do not confuse the injections given by shelters with the one a vet gives your pet, the shelter ones have no sedative in them to ease the burn of the chemical (pentobarbital) as it enters the body.
    Anyway, your letter was perfect in every other way, good job.

  3. Whoopi who? Seriously, didn’t even think she was still relevant anymore (or maybe she just thinks she is).

    Anyway, well-written. If someone wants a pure-breed dog, they should look to shelters or rescues if they can, or at the minimum, got to a real breeder that cares about his/her dogs and the puppies they breed. Ones that will do health testing, care about temperament, and will stand by their bred dogs all the way.

    Not some “business” that produces dogs like lawn chairs and ships them to stores all over the place and don’t care about any of the things that real, quality breeders care about.

    I love how see brings up her friends, as if it’s all about them. Hello Whoopi, your circle of friends does not encompass the whole of the pet shop world. And “loving dogs” doesn’t mean they are good breeders or could tell you any more about the dog other than his/her name, age (maybe), and breed (maybe). I love dogs, doesn’t mean I should run out and become a breeder.

    Hopefully, she learned some things (like thinking before she speaks).

    Look to a (well-run) shelter or rescue for a dog, and if you really can’t find what you’re looking for/need, research a true breeder. Don’t get from pet shops. That might be the worst option, maybe even below being dogless.

  4. Brilliant letter. I have attached my little 45 second clip in response to Whoopi’s horrific comments. Please view.

  5. I sent Ms. Goldberg a copy of my documentary, I Breathe. It focuses on the multi billion dollar commercial dog breeding industry. Perhaps she will change her views, or at least modify them, after viewing I Breathe.

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