The following is a question and answer exchange provided by email.  Mark Ortman is the Security Officer that had witnessed Patrick tethered in the hallway on several occasions and was instrumental in the capture of Kisha Curtis (AKA despicable human being and probably somehow related to Michael Vick).  I wrote an original post that criticized his actions regarding seeking the reward money and made the “assumption” that he had witnessed Patrick in his starved state and chose to not act upon it.   Mark Ortman reached out to me and informed that he was open to any questions I might have in regards to the events leading up to Patrick’s discovery.  I provided a list of questions and Mark responded to every one of them. 

I am leaving any judgement regarding Mark Ortman up to the reader…I myself have found him to be honest and forthcoming.  I do believe if he would have seen Patrick in a weakened state he would have acted on it.  Some may debate whether he should have reported Patrick’s captivity in a stairwell.   Yes…I would have called animal control at that time and reported it. Do I believe Patrick would have been confiscated at that time? I don’t know….I don’t know the New Jersey animal control system. 

So….here it is.  Hopefully it answers some of the questions readers have had regarding Patrick’s treatment and rescue:

How many people do you estimate could have seen him while tethered in the hallway?

he was tethered on the very top of the 20th floor    1 flight up from where so many could have passed him in the stairwell since he was above the 2oth floor   higher than the 20th floor, he was not readily visible to all. He was never witnessed in the hallway and only 1 tenant complained to me directly    all the other complaints came from the property manager 

Did any other tenants of the building approach you after Patrick was found, and inform you of how many times they witnessed Patrick in the hallway and his condition? 

last time I saw him he was fine, health wise and not starved nor injured   that was 2 months ago

When you requested that Curtis take Patrick back into the apartment. What was her response?  Was she apologetic? Did she tell you at that time she couldn’t afford Patrick? 

when I asked me Curtis to REshelter the dog she first responded that it wasn’t her dog, she then recanted that, admitting ownership, and took the dog back into the apartment…she stated Patrick was out there in the 1st place because he was biting/nipping her   

   What were some of the other agencies that had been to her apartment in the last year? 

other agencies that had visited her unit  Newark PD  and DYFS( div.of youth and family services)..

After Patrick was discovered, and you confronted Curtis, what was her demeanor? Did she actually think she would get away with her treatment of Patrick? 

once patrick was discovered she appeared to realize what was happening, that it was HER dog discovered in the trash bin…..  

Do you feel demonized for your involvement with Patrick?  Do you now wish you would not have gotten involved? Any last words….?

I never felt demonized by my involvement in this case…my first and foremost concern was that Patrick’s captor be exposed by the facts…it was chief in priorities to properly identify her, get that information to the proper authorities(the Humane Services Police) as quickly as possible, and make sure that Kisha Curtis did not take flight or discover she was being sought  ….the swift response by the Humane Services Police, Terry Clark and Al peterson was key 







4 Responses

  1. Tammy, thanx for being fair and accurate and precise with your facts and quotes and intentions….its ALL about Patrick the Miracle DOG ,donations to Patrick, and the agencies that now house/care for him open your wallets and checkbooks !! Mark

  2. Hi,
    When was the first time you were called upstairs regarding Patrick? Was Patrick thin then?

  3. Last you saw him was 2 months ago and this letter/blog entry is dated April 9 so you saw him on February 9?

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