Ok…I’m going to try and address this again.  But let me make one thing clear.  I HOPE Ken Sakurai is telling the truth.  I hope he actually is aware of the rescue and treatment of the two dogs stranded by the recent tsunami in Japan several weeks ago.

But…I simply do not “believe” him.  It’s not called slander when you voice an opinion on whether you believe somebody is telling the truth.  It’s an opinion I’m entitled to.  I can blog about it…I can talk about it..I can obsess about it….period.

Ken Sakuari claims to know where the dogs are and gives periodic updates on their condition and treatment.  However…once again no photo’s, or witnesses have emerged.  Now…you can make the claim that to obsess about these two dogs considering the destruction and ongoing battles of the Japanese people and their beloved companions is mis-directing efforts to the bigger picture.  And I say….Ok…I’m not going to say what I really want to say.  So…I will put it this way…that is absolutely ridiculous.

Why is that statement ridiculous? (See how nice I am being? I’m very very proud of myself)  Because our instant connection to one dog protecting and pleading for help for his companion is one of the most heartbreaking videos I have seen.  It tugs at the heartstrings, it shows us that the human species is not the “only” species to show compassion and loyalty to another living thing.  In the face of one of the worst natural disasters to date…this dog would not leave his friend to find safety elsewhere.  That is why we refuse to let this go. 

 That is why if Ken Sakurai actually does have information and the capability to show the world that there is a happy ending to this story, than he either doesn’t “get it” (meaning he still doesn’t understand the World’s love for this pair) or he just doesn’t “have it.” 

He has stated it is a Samurai honor thing because he promised his biker friends he wouldn’t reveal the dogs location.  And once again we say “posting pics” will not reveal the dog’s location or safety.  He has also stated Japan’s current state of affairs doesn’t allow certain technological availabilities.  So….I guess a camera or a video phone won’t work, although he is posting all kinds of other pics on his Facebook page.  He has claimed he can’t make the eight-hour trek to their location…once again I’m sure somebody would be willing to take a pic of the happy re-united dogs and forward them to him. 

Am I saying categorically that Sakurai doesn’t have them?  Nope…am I saying I don’t believe him?  You betcha.

Do I want to believe him?  You betcha.

For those interested, I am giving the link to a website (operated by Ken Sakuari supporters) that claims to have the information about our “lost friends.”  They have verbal updates and other discussion boards.  I leave it to each and every individual to come to their own conclusion.



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  1. I would love to believe too, but like you I don’t. Its not like it would be a hard thing to prove after all. What technology really is needed to send a picture, a camera or cell phone and a computer, which is obviously working if you can play on Facebook. Its all just a little too sketchy for me to be a believer.

  2. I have to say that I do like your style of writing. It is both informative and shows “spunk”, I mean for that to be a compliment. I also enjoyed reading your other article on this topic. I had hoped to see some tangible evidence that the dogs were alive but sadly nothing. Thank you for the great writing style.

  3. I found this on a site. Thought it was interesting.

    The Removal of certain Notes Posted Validates the Truth in those notes
    .by Dedicated to the mystery surrounding the 2 tsunami dogs from the video on Tuesday, April 19, 2011 at 8:17pm.
    What happens when you hit the truth on certain subjects. The individuals that are not able to provide information to the contrary do this:

    We have removed or disabled access to the following content that you have posted on Facebook because we received a notice from a third party that the content infringes their copyright(s):

    Note: Does anyone know what the other oganizations are that received donations from this rescue group?

    Note: Remember the 2 tsunami dogs until their fate has been determined

    Note: My theory about what really happened to the dogs.

    Note: The mystery of the oath. The mystery of “moving on”

    Note: The Mystery of Paypal initated Return of Monies

    Note: Mystery of the Letters written to various Law Enforcement Agencies

    Note: Did anyone get confused about someone saying there was no request for money?

    Some of the notes posted, if you had a chance to read them, were generic in nature. One note was just based on my theory. My thoughts. Nothing else. Other notes posted used e-mails that were sent and received as responses.

    Because someone went to the trouble of filing these copyright infringement notices, not sure where I violated anything since I removed all names, except for names like Paypal, CNN, FujiTV, etc., I am actually quite happy. The removal of these notes which were the most incriminating VALIDATES what I had posted. If there was nothing to hide, nothing to worry about, they would have remained. I hope that you had a chance to read some of them before someone that doesn’t like the truth squashed them.

  4. I requested this via e-mail. I am not sure if you would like to read it. Delete it if you would prefer since it was removed from FB.

    The biker guys were not experienced dog rescue people. In fact, I don’t think that they even own dogs as pets. When the Fuji team left, they supposedly came , saw the dogs, and called K about the dogs. He was the one that told them to get them to a vet, right? Correct me if I am wrong. What is wrong with that part of the story? Now, think about what everyone was howling about when they saw the video and what they were most upset about? The Fuji team did nothing to help those dogs. The biker guys came and called Kenn. They didn’t come and help the dogs and then call K. That’s not natural for a pet owner. A pet owner seeing an animal in distress will automatically go and help the animal and not think about calling someone about what to do. A pet owner knows that if an animal looked as bad as the white dog ( they call it a hound,now, but I think it is a field English Setter ) you carefully scoop it up, put it in a car and drive to a vet. The crap about not being able to reach that area unless you were on a bike, how did the FujiTV guys get there? On bikes? Yeah, I don’t think so. But, the point is, they didn’t know what to do, they called K. Do you remember it like that or differently? I have read so many versions that I may now be mixed up. But, the reaction that the bikers called K and had to be told to get them to a vet was a giveaway. Not what a pet owner does, regardless of whose animal it is. You stop and help. And, if the animal is injured, the first reaction is take it to a vet. Not make a call and ask what to do. I really think it was the biker guys and they moved the dogs and then left them somewhere or spooked the Brittany and then tried to take just the English setter since the spooked the Brittany, and it ran away. Why no dogs, the Brittany didn’t stay in the area because there was no reason to anymore, his friend was gone.

    He said that his biker friends found the dogs and called him about what to do. He told them to take them to a vet. Now, you tell me how you can get a Brittany spaniel, that is pretty active, weighing about 35-40 lbs on a dirtbike. First, KS said they used blankets, later it was changed to cages. The english setter is about 45-80 lbs, but since they gain weight easily, lets go to the higher end of that weight. Figure the size of each dog. Brittany 17 1/2 inches – 20 1/2 inches long and about the same height. English setter 24-27 inches long and about the same high. Put those dogs wrapped in a blanket or a sling on a dirt bike. These are not your dogs, they have most likely never been on a dirtbike, and remember the sound being produced by these dirtbikes. And, they are not tranquilized. Either by a blanket or in a miraculous cage. Now, ride 2 hours to a vet with a dog either in your lap, strapped to your back, or to the back of your bike. If the dogs move, then you have to deal with the dogs moving, right? Struggle to get off, so to speak. If they are in a cage and shift their weight, what would happen. You have to compensate for that right? But, regardless, dogs do not like motorcycles. How many dogs have you seen being carried in the lap of someone on a motorcycle? The dog will naturally struggle and jump off. I am not talking side-car riding dog. Imagine how big the cage would have to be to contain an english setter, and they just had those on hand? Right.

    Early, on, KS wrote that one of the guys fell down a ravine with a dog, and the biker guy broke a rib. Later, the story changed. It was not with a dog. Using the early version, the biker guy falls down on his bike when a dog stuggled to move, my theory, why the guy fell off his bike. The guy has broken a rib, right? You tell me how this guy is able to get back on his bike with a large dog and continue to ride for the rest of the 2 hours that it takes to get to the mysterious vet. The normal human reaction would be, I get up from my bike, and if the fall on the bike possibly hurt or actually killed the dog on that bike, I look at the dog, if it is still alive and has not run off, and because I am in pain, and say ” screw it”, because these guys are not animal rescue guys. They have no experience. So, while this is going on, either the other biker guys see what happened, and they or the one that has the other dog, decides he doesn’t want that to happen to him and decides to dump the dog. I think they could have dumped the dogs or just the one dog somewhere. And, because telephone communications, the farther north you went were bad, they couldn’t call KS to let him know that they had an accident and couldn’t continue with the dogs. In the meantime, KS is calling CNN or FUjiTV, updating his FB page to let them know that he has the dogs. Are you following? So, the biker guy that is injured needs help to get back, because he did injure himself, and the other guy or guys have to help him ride back to where ever they came from. The reason that no one can find those dogs is that they were dumped somewhere on the way to the vet. My theory. If you can see a hole in it, let me know. I am sad to say this, but I think that the English setter is dead, because from the picture, it was really sick or hurt. The Brittany may be ok, but is lost or now dead. I also think that the guys took the collars off at least one of the dogs so that they wouldn’t be easily identified if they were found later. Or maybe the collars were silver and worth money. I think that at least one dog is dead, and the other may or may not be alive, maybe it was alive but is dead from no food or water.

    My theory. The biker guys had the dogs, spooked one dog and took the other, dumped the dogs, and because of the cell phone problem, could not tell KS until they had working cell phones. KS did not know the guys dumped the dogs, is blabbing away to everyone that he rescued the dogs. Then, everyone wants to send money. He decides to take the money. Some time after that, eithe KS contacts the biker guys and they tell him that they don’t have the dogs. KS is upset, but the money is coming in. KS, is a salesman remember, sells a story to the public about the dogs being at the vet, one is hurt, gets better, the other is hurt, getting better, can’t say where they are because KS took a samurai oath, no it was the Biker guys that took the oath with the vet and now the guys won’t tell him where the dogs are. The truth is that they don’t have the dogs. KS never did. That is why this theory of mine was removed by them.

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  6. […] If you haven’t had a chance to go to this site, you should.  It is a great site with wonderful stories.  This site had enough integrity to stick to what it wanted to say about the 2 loyal tsunami dogs.  I am sure that it had its share of comments from KS supporters about the stories that it posted about the loyal tsunami dogs, but didn’t change a thing.  It not only has postings about the tsunami dogs, but other stories about other animals.  https://tcastle.wordpress.com/2011/04/09/where-are-the-rescued-dogs-of-japan/ […]

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