Did you ever wonder why the members at the veterinary staff hospital didn’t take one look at Patrick and his emaciated skeletal remains and decide to just put him out of his misery?

Well I did…I couldn’t help but wonder how lucky Patrick was in his very unlucky life to be transported to this particular hospital that took one look into his eyes and decided they were going to” fight the fight” with him.

“He is a tremendous fighter,” said Dr. Thomas Scavelli, the director and founder of the Garden State Veterinary Specialists, the pet hospital in Tinton Falls where Patrick is being treated. “There are very few animals, or any life form, that could have gone through and survived what he has, and really never looked back.”

That’s the part that gets me every time.  How did he have the willpower to hang onto a life that did nothing but give him such misery?  I wish I had that kind of fight…sometimes I give up when a small trivial thing doesn’t go my way.  Patrick is more than “just a dog.”  He has the heart of a fighter…and the forgiveness and spirit of something much bigger. 

 And then there is his eyes…we see it in every photo and video.  There is an innocence that doesn’t belong with the rest of his emaciated body.  It’s an innocence that belongs to something that hasn’t yet experienced that kind of pain and suffering.

“Everyone thought that, you bring in an animal like that, that looks like it’s really just a corpse, you put it to sleep,” Smillie-Scavelli said. “But of course, he looked up at you with those eyes, and you say: How can you give up on this dog? How can you, when he’s not giving up on life? So, we gave him that second chance, and he has just run with it, and thrived.”

And finally, this is the part I don’t understand…how long did Patrick really suffer?  Was it a month or less, like some reports state?  Or was it a lifetime of suffering?  Maybe I really don’t want to know the answer…and maybe it’s right there in front of us every time we see his frail body and open sores.

This is not a month of starvation,” Thomas Scavelli said. “This is a lifetime probably, or at least months and months of neglect, and to see the way he cares for people and trusts people, that’s really been the most interesting and rewarding thing to see about the canine spirit.”

Here’s what I really know about Patrick…I know I love em


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  1. Profound.

  2. Hi – Just wanted to say that I loved your article! I too, have posted on blog about Patrick, who just fills my heart with so much love! Luckily for my “Harley” boy, he receives all that love and more! All my pets seem to come to me, my old boy Murphy, who passed away 4 years ago at age 13, showed up in my yard starved and barely able to walk at about 6months old. Who knows how long he was on his own for?? Then in Jan/11, Harley and his brother, now named Boomer, were left on my door step by another dog! You can see the full story of Harley and Boomer on my blog. Anyway, back to Patrick, love o love! of life, so happy you are with people who love and care for you now!

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  4. Interesting to see …. That is, by far, the best series of books I’ve ever read. I try and read them every year.

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