As we already know…Patrick’s story is just one of a thousand stories circulating at any given time.  So many people (or as I like to call them “trolls” “scum” “heartless”) discard unwanted animals like a piece of garbage. 

The latest is a story out of Atlanta Georgia…a man and woman witnessed a Boston Terrier dog crawling from a garbage bag on the side of the road.  Evidently some heartless person decided to discard this dog like an empty beer can.

Less Burgess  and Jamie Contreas witnessed the dog’s head sticking out of a garbage bag.  The dog emerged from the garbage bag limping and attempted to run off. Burgess gave chase and eventually the Boston Terrier collapsed.  While Burgess recounted his story to the local media, he broke down in tears…

The little guy was rushed to the Animal Hospital but the prognosis wasn’t good.   Ordinarily a dog arriving in this situation would be euthanized because the cost of recovery would be too expensive…but in this case donations poured in….the surgery was completed….and Jamie Contraeas has decided to adopt him.

His nickname is Rocky…I’m quite sure he was named after the character of the now infamous Rocky Balboa because of his fighting spirit.  As it should be…he needs a name that defines his “fighting spirit” and “will to survive.” 

The good news is there are still good Samaritans out there willing to stop…and take action when witnessing such an atrocity.

The bad news is the despicable human being that decided to discard the dog like yesterday’s trash is still out there…polluting the world with their presence.


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