Braveheart is another discarded dog…thrown into a trash dumpster as easily as an empty McDonald’s Happy Meal.  An animal control officer found Braveheart in the dumpster in late March and he was to be euthanized.  Of course Braveheart was unclaimed because some soulless wretch decided caring for the dog was either no longer possible or they just enjoyed torturing and starving a devoted companion…much like the soulless Michael Vick who has been forgiven and now adored by millions for torturing and killing dogs for pleasure. 

When Braveheart was found he had massive open sores, mange, was emaciated, and suffered from bare spots on his coat caused  either by bites from other dogs, or maggots.

It was also suspected Braveheart was kept in a cage too small that didn’t allow him any movement…hence the phrase “soulless wretch” referenced above.  I would like to use another word…but I’m a lady and I don’t swear on my blog.  Ok..I really do swear, but I’m trying not to get off on a huge tangent.

“One Starfish Rehoming Connections of Wisconsin” heard of Braveheart’s plight and took him in.  They began caring for Braveheart using their own resources but quickly discovered he needed more help after showing signs of shock, dehydration and diarrhea.  They then took him to the University of Wisconsin Veterinary Care center.  Braveheart has slowly started to regain his strength and thanks to another online effort on a Facebook page titled Braveheart’s Battle, donations and support has started pouring in. 

You can go to Braveheart’s Facebook page here and either lend support or donate:!/Braveheartthedog

It’s one starfish at a time……


11 Responses

  1. I love Braveheart! Keep fighting sweet-heart! 🙂

  2. Maybe thousands think Michael Vick is all that, but there are thousands of us who never will forgive or forget what he did. I don’t forgive, and I will never forget.

  3. We pray for all lost and hurt souls, and wish that the evil doings of bad inhumane persons will have its jugement day.

  4. Thank you for sharing another story that will hopefully have a happy ending, the sad thing is that I think for every one dog that is found there are so many more that we don’t know about. I keep them all in my prayers.

  5. I heard about Braveheart recently, and it’s heartbreaking. Keep fighting, Braveheart!

  6. I have been following Bravehearts story ,and he is just that isnt he,such a strength of spirit and i defy anyone to look into his sad little eyes and not get their heart stolen by him.He is such a gorgeous boy,i hope so much he will get through this and find THE MOST WONDERFUL LOVING HOME FOREVER.

  7. do you know of any android app which will update me everytime you do a new post?

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