Ok…at first when I read about Michael Vick blabbing about how he should grace the cover of the new Madden NFL 2012 game, I thought I was going to have another melt-down.  Of course Vick thinks he should grace the cover because he is re-deemed…and pigs fly.

So.…I was getting ready to rant and rave about Vick believing he is the next best thing to the first “resurrection.”  Yep…I was getting pretty fired up and was actually contemplating shooting a couple shots of tequilla to bring me down as he talked about how faithful the Eagles Fans are, and how easily he thought he would win the voting brackets…because he is Michael Vick and redeemed…and a really really good football player.

I mean…after hearing Vick talk about how he deserved another dog, and how President Obama personally called the Eagles Owner to congratulate him on what a great human being he is for taking in a dog killer, I thought this is it…I’m really gonna blow this time.

But wait…as I researched this Madden thing a little further…I discovered something…””The Madden Curse.”  What?…..I thought.  What is this Madden Curse thing?  And then I found out that the Madden Curse has affected every player since 1999 that has graced it’s cover…including the first time Vick was on it.  The first time Vick appeared on it’s cover was in 2004  (it must have been in-between his torturing and killing dogs for pleasure and profit). The next season Vick fractured his right fibula during preseason and missed the first 12 games of the regular season. The Falcons finished in the basement of the NFC South at 5-11 that year.

So…that got me to thinking…maybe this is just what “karma” needs…a curse….the Madden Curse.  Maybe if we all vote for Vick to grace the cover again he will break something else next season…like his neck…or worse.

I’m serious…I might actually start voting…I believe in curses…I also believe in the Twilight series and believe vampires are really really hot.

So…with any luck Vick will win again and think it’s a great thing… and also believe  his PR (I’m going to pretend I care about dogs by talking once or twice a month to kids) campaign is really working…and like the Twilight family curse…something really really bad will happen.

Now…get out and vote.


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