Ok…here we go again.  The latest dilemma with Patrick involves AHS (Associated Humane Socities) wanting to get involved in Patrick’s recovery and intend to remove him from the staff at GSVS so his behaviors can be monitored and corrected by a foster home and “trained staff.”

Here’s what I think…I wish Patrick could just be a dog.  I wish that he never had to become an ambassador for anything…although his story has started a tremendous grass roots movement and this movement continues to save other dogs.   But the price he has paid may be too much…

Patrick has finally started to receive the love and care he has been yearning for his entire puppyhood.  The staff members at GSVS love him and have certainly fought for his survival.  Now what’s the problem?  He is continuing to improve physically and over time I’m sure his behaviors can be worked out.

So…Here comes AHS and they think Patrick is not getting being held in the right environment and feel the staff’s behavior may be feeding his insecurities.

At your request I spent an afternoon observing Patrick in his current surroundings at Garden State Veterinary Center. I know you wanted an unbiased, honest opinion about how he was progressing.

Based on what I observed, I do have some serious concerns about his recovery. By that, I do not mean his physical health; they have done a wonderful job healing Patrick physically, it is his emotional/mental state that I am primarily concerned with.

This is not a criticism of the devoted people caring for him there; it is just that his behavioral recovery would not be their area of expertise. They may not recognize Patrick’s needs along these lines. A dog does need much more than affection.

WTF?  That’s what I first thought when reading AHS wanted to move Patrick to another facility because he was no longer under the proper environment to grow as a “just” a dog, and not as “Patrick the Miracle Dog.”

His insecurities are being unknowingly reinforced by well meaning people as they are not allowing Patrick to explore his world and develop any confidence on his own. He does need to overcome things with encouragement in order to develop his confidence. It can be detrimental to an animal to assume they are scared of everything and to shield them from everything based on this assumption. It is also the wrong way to approach helping him overcome his anxieties. Why would we want to keep him in a fearful state of mind? That is no way to live his life.

Ok…point taken.  Now how do we accomplish that?  Do we remove him once again from what he knows and put him in yet another strange environment?  I agree Patrick needs to continue his “recovery” in a more familiar dog-like setting and once again…just be a dog.  But cant that be accomplished by putting him in his forever home with the GSVS staff member that wants to adopt him?  I mean….wouldn’t that make the most sense and have the least amount of emotional trauma on Patrick?  It’s not rocket science folks…it’s pure common sense…so let’s start freakin using it.  And no…Patrick should not be sheltered from every noise and stimulation because that will continue to feed his insecurities, but can’t “new forever home guy” help with that transition?  With perhaps a little education, (If he doesn’t already have it) he can foster that kind of growth in Patrick.

And let’s face it…behaviorist…smehaviorist, they don’t always know what’s best, and often times recommend putting a dog down based on the dog’s breed and a quick assessment rather than really understanding the psyche of that particular dog.

Everyone really owes it to Patrick to give him EVERYTHING he needs to heal and lead a successful life.

I can’t emphasize enough that he needs full temperament tests to evaluate exactly where he is behaviorally and socially. He may already have food and resource guarding issues that need to be addressed. MOST IMPORTANTLY Patrick should go into a foster home immediately before being place into his FOREVER home.

I’m sure there are many behaviors that will surface over time and need to be addressed.  Perhaps his eating disorder will surface and if that happens “new forever home guy” will need to work with Patrick and perhaps get a little help from the Dog Whisperer.  The point being…we will not know all of Patrick’s issues in a month…his issues could expand over an entire lifetime….but it appears “new forever home guy” is willing to take Patrick in and all of his baggage and luv em.  Who the Hell could ask for more?

Patrick video:


9 Responses

  1. At this point I think placing him in a foster home then removing him to place him in his forever home will just bring on more anxiety and trust issues. If he is never allowed to bond with anyone how will he know love? I have given contributions to the AHS in the past but I think I am going to have to reconsider that in the future.

  2. This is just ludicrous!!!! Those who have cared for Patrick now want one of their own to adopt him. Is the Humane Society suggesting for a moment that Vets and their staff do not know how to care for animals? – when at the same time, these same Humane Societies routinely euthanize animals because they are unable to locate homes for them. In my opinion, this is just bullshit! The Humane Society should focus on the animals they currently have in their care and let Patrick be. As for supporting Humane Societies – I am with you – they seem to be a siphon for municipal money and donations while doing very little.

  3. I think to remove Patrick and put him in a new and different enviroment will only heed his progress, he is with people who love him and the person who wants to adopt him should be allowed; if he needs behavior training then let the AHS have someone come to the GSVS and work with him there I am sure he will progress more quickly if he is where he knows the peole

  4. Great post Samantha – I think everyone should just leave Patrick along and let the two agencies figure out what’s best for him. If the 100k people who comment each day on his every move would adopt shelter dogs in their own communities Patrick would be better off and so would all the dogs they adopt. I hope no one finds out who ends up adopting him so this circus can end and Patrick can live his life in peace.

  5. I am a CPDT and although I agree with MOST of what the AHS does I can’t help but question their motives. Patrick is like a “press machine” for animal agencies looking for donations and p.r. Put Patrick in his forever home and let him be. Let’s concentrate on the 7million like him being put down in shelters and pounds.

  6. Patrick needs to stay where he is and if a behavioralist needs to come in….so be it. HE DOES NOT need to be removed. It’s going to take time for him to get over his insecurities…it could take years. He needs to be with someone who understands all he’s been through and who won’t become frustrated and give him up or do the same thing to him again.

  7. OMG!!! Are they saying the staff at GSVS can nurse him back to health with so much love but are incapeable of choosing a good home for him? AHS is just looking for limelight because Patrick has recieved so much attention. It’s very sad! (Who actually has claim of Patrick?)

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