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And this folks…is why I am a Vegetarian.  Animal Protection Group  “Mercy for Animals” (MFA) recently went undercover at a large scale agriculture facility in Hart, Texas.

And it was there that the undercover investigator found horrific abuses against sick and frostbitten calves with claw hammers, pick axes and other small type hammers.  Many of the abuses were caught on a hidden video and also exposed the ill and injured calves thrown carelessly into a carcass pile while sometimes still alive. Other times the calves were found laying in puddles of water and feces covered in open sores and flies.

E6 Cattle Company’s owner Kirt Espenson (otherwise know as soulless human being that is more concerned about the bottom dollar than he is moral ethics or compassion…welcome to the meat industry) takes full responsibility and sites the abuses as a miscommunication with a few employees and improper training.  Ok….are you freakin kidding me?  You could actually say that with a straight face?  You weren’t at all concerned with a bolt of lightning coming down from the heavens and zapping you right on the spot for your outlandish whopper of a lie?  seriously?

In some cases the frostbite was so severe that the calves hooves had fallen off and they attempted to walk on “nubs” according to the Castro County District Attorney.

Nunkle, executive director of Mercy for Animals, recently spoke with APE about the incidents at E6 Cattle Company and he stated the following:

Abuse runs rampant in industrial agriculture where these animals are treated as commodities or little more than meat, milk, or egg-producing machines. And every time we’ve sent an investigator into a factory farm, slaughterhouse, or hatchery, they emerge with shocking evidence of egregious animal abuse, whether it be sadistic cruelty by workers, or the day-to-day intensive confinement these animals are subjected to, where they’re deprived of even the ability to stand up, lie down, turn around, or extend their limbs. Abuse is the rule rather than the exception in factory farm environments.
It is the large grocery conglomerates such as Walmart and other large chains that choose price points for these meats and it is only the largest of farmers and slaughterhouses that can meet the price points.  So…what happens then?  What happens is the welfare of living breathing feeling creatures are treated without any compassion.  And when we buy our steaks and hamburgers at Walmart because they offer the cheapest prices….remember why they do.  They do because they accept these practices and don’t bother looking into any of the abuses that continue to go on within the meat industry.
So… what is the answer?  My answer was becoming a Vegetarian and refusing to participate in the abuses by supporting their industry.  Another solution is to buy locally from a farmer that still farms “old school” with morals.  At the end of the day the cattle are still slaughtered and I can’t deal with that…but at least it’s better than the alternative.

4 Responses

  1. I feel like picketing F…ing Wal-mart. How are we going to pursuade consumers who have no compassion and little money to NOT buy from these conglomerates who participate in cruel industrial farming.It seems so hopeless but I will fight on by being a VEGAN.

  2. I’m with you Sandi….And I love your statement…”f…Wal-mart.”

  3. i wish everyone would just stop eating meat! thank god for mercy for animals for going undercover bc if they had’nt then these calves would still be getting tortured. Love animals dont hurt them!

  4. It is a horrible practice the slaughter of animals especially at slaughter houses. Cruel and inhumane. The eyes of the animals as they are driven to these places , say it all ; they eyes are sad. It just hurts to see them, and I always say a prayer for them, when I see one of those trucks go by. It is for them not to suffer, make it quick. For people that still eat meat, I am not sure if you are aware of this, but kosher meat is also an animal that was killed in the most humane way possible. If there is a way to do that. There are certain standards, that have to be met before the animal is allowed to be slaughtered, and there is , if i remember correctly, a rabbi that will bless the animal. I always try and let people that I know that still eat meat that they should eat kosher meats, if they want to make sure that the animal did not suffer excessively. I also hope that it will make them think about the life that was taken.

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