Man Accused Of Killing Puppy Faces Child Abuse Allegations – Louisville News Story – WLKY Louisville

And here we have it folks…the likes of Michael Vick, Kisha Curtis and now Thomas Wherle all have one thing in common. They are animal abusers, torturers and murderers. (Although Patrick didn’t die…she still qualifies) Oh yeah and one more thing…they all have the capability to become much more…like child abusers. And why do I say that?

Because Thomas Wherle from southern Indiana (aka despicable human being) killed his girlfriends puppy by grabbing it around the neck and smashing his head into the ground so hard that the puppy couldn’t breath after the incident and appeared wobbly. The puppy died a short time later.

So….here is the connection. If the “POS” can do this to a puppy, it stands to reason he could do this to a child….and he did. The girlfriends 2 1/2 year old son was also grabbed severely around the neck because he wet his pants. Evidently this “POS” has a problem with urination. Maybe because he is an adult bedwetter…I really don’t know. But, here’s what I do know. When people wonder why we want to be the “voice” for animal cruelty and not people….we say it is equally important to hold the animal abusers accountable because many times they are the same.

As the boy’s grandmother said “If he could forcefully leave marks like that, he could have easily broke the baby’s neck, versus the dog.”

Tom Wehrle, 29, was arrested Monday night in Borden, Ind. He’s charged with domestic battery, killing a domestic animal and animal cruelty.

The child abuse allegations are still under investigation and he has not yet been charged.

So…there you have it…

Man Accused Of Killing Puppy Faces Child Abuse Allegations – Louisville News Story – WLKY Louisville.


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