The jury is still out on who is going to keep Patrick.  The good news is the jury is still out…the bad news is a final decision hasn’t been made yet.

The dispute is who will be responsible for the continued treatment and care of Patrick.  The GSVS staff has been caring for Patrick ever since AHS sent Patrick to them over a month ago.  Patrick’s weight has steadily increased and a foreign object has been removed from his intestine while under GSVS care.  More importantly…Patrick has been receiving lots of love, and a staff member anxiously awaits adopting him. So… now the GSVS and AHS are both fighting for the right to care for him.  

It looks like we may have an answer soon.  According to Capt Yocum of NJSPCA:

 Patrick remains at GSVS and is being cared for still by the amazing angels that work there. Patrick is doing well and after today I am more optimistic that there will be great news in the near future about Patrick’s future. I do have confidence that the right decisions will be made by the right people. I can not release any details at this time. (Important for Patrick) Capt. Yocum

I hope the final decision comes soon and it truly is in the best interest of the “second damn best dog ever.” (Yes…Sarge is the first)


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