OK…time to play the what does Michael Vick and  (insert despicable human being name here) have in common game again.  In this case the game involves another POS by the name of Bryan Hutcherson…oh yeah and his POS girlfriend.

Bryan Hutcherson and his girlfriend from Oshkosh, Wisconsin were charged with the mistreatment of an animal causing death on April 4 for keeping a Pit Bull puppy caged in his living room and refusing the puppy food or water until the puppy died of organ failure. If convicted the POS could receive up to 42 monthis in prison and $10,000 fine.

The Oshgosh police received a report of a dead dog in the streets and upon investigation found the puppy had died from systematic organ failure from extreme malnutrition and dehydration.  Fortunately, the police received a tip that a friend had seen the brown and white puppy in Hutcherson’s apartment on March 29 and was shaking and covered in feces in the small cage….his name was Snoop.

Hutcherson informed police that he had purchased the dog 4 months ago and decided it was too stressful to take care of him so he decided to watch Snoop starve to death…with his girlfriend from the comfort of their couch.

I know…I know…this story is once again beyond comprehension.  I just don’t understand how the likes of Vick, Hutcherson, Curtis among others can watch the systematic torture and cruelty of a devoted canine companion and “enjoy” it.  That’s the worst part of it…they enjoy the pain, torture and death of something they conceive as insignificant or not worthy of life.  And then they want our pity or forgiveness because they didn’t “understand” at the time what animal cruelty really meant, or that dog fighting was against the law, or it was just a “cultural” thing.  We all know they knew exactly what they were doing and what it cost the animals that came before them.

I know I am suppose to forgive and forget and let these people serve their small prison sentences and then “believe” that they emerge human beings again and deserve our pity, forgiveness, or adulation because they can make Football Owners lots of money.

But…I am not that person…I won’t forget…We are to be keepers and protectors of our four legged companions…but sometimes the battle seems too big and the burden too great, when it seems everywhere you turn there is another story like this one.

I do believe in the starfish story and I know every starfish matters…but every once in a while I think about the others…and it makes it just a little bit harder to keep “fightin the fight.”

But I will….

Let’s fight the fight together and sign the petition against Hutcherson and make sure he doesn’t get off with just another slap on the wrist.  With any luck he’ll meet his demise in prison.



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