New Jersey has more than just “Jersey Shore” to worry about.  There is a horrific human being running amok in Trenton after attacking two Pit Bull‘s with an ax.

They were discovered wandering the streets in Trenton April 29 in the early morning hours…both dogs had severe gaping wounds to the head.  Apparently from the result of an ax attack by some miserable low-life.

The dogs were immediately taken to The Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services (CARES), in Langhorne, PA with blunt force trauma injuries and are recovering.

“Both dogs have very similar type injuries,” according to CARES  Co-Director, Dr. Jon Rappaport. “The injuries went from front to back over their head. It appears to have been done by some sharp, heavy, blade of some sort. This is very suspicious for some sort of animal abuse.”

Willy is in recovery. “The wound was so deep that you could see the back of his eye, from looking inside the wound,” adds Dr. Rappaport.

Kate’s injuries were even more extensive. Her wounds entered the frontal sinus, causing a fracture. There were also two depressed bone fragments that were removed from the frontal sinus. In addition to that, there’s a fracture in the bone between the frontal sinus and the brain. “As long as infection doesn’t set in, she should be fine,” according to Dr. Rappaport. “We are cautiously optimistic at this time.”

Trenton Animal Control is presently leading the investigation, however, “Rescue ink unleashed” has also decided to become involved.  Personally…I hope “Rescue ink unleashed”  not only becomes involved…but also… perhaps….resumes some “old school” ways in dealing with this piece of trash once they are caught.

Several other rescue organizations have volunteered their help with the recovery of the two companions.   

Anybody with any information can call this number at Trenton Animal Control: 609-989-3254

If you wish to make a donation to Will and Kate, please do so thru Care Animal Hospital at 215-750-2774


2 Responses

  1. well i will profile the person who did this to these poor dogs. it is a male, who is a loser and a low life. this man has no sense of morals, he does not know right from wrong. he probably has reports of other instances of animal abuse,possibly even spousal,parental or sibling abuse. he has spoken about torturing animals before infront of people who were disgusted by the way he spoke about animals, many people have an idea of who this person is but is scared to step forward. well if you live in the same area and think you may know who this sick bastard is, even just a hunch, call the authorities anonymously and let them know.

  2. How could anyone do this to a poor defenceless dog, this is absolutely sickening and to think they just walked away and left these dogs to die! I say anyone who is this sick and depraved needs to get their just desserts ,ide like to hit them over the head with an axe!!!!I hope they get caught and get the punishment they deserve.

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