Ok….I’m waiting….where is Michael Vick‘s voice.  Dog Wars is apparently still on the market under a different name.  The new name is KG fighting and evidently Google doesn’t have an issue with supporting a game that encourages people to emulate animal abuse

And no…it’s not like the froggy game that we all played years ago…you know the one where you try to get frogs across traffic without getting smashed.  To my knowledge there is no underground frog trafficking ring that secretly forces frogs to cross the street when nobody is watching.  There are no frog training camps being held in abandoned houses and warehouses, nor are they tied to treadmills to heighten performance, and then hung when they don’t perform to “game” standards.  Frogs are not shot, electrocuted or drowned for being too “nice.”  There are no rape stations, or release sticks, or sick bastards like Michael Vick standing around betting on which froggy is going to make it across the busy street.

So…this brings me to my next point….where is VICK’S voice?  We heard a short statement probably prepared by Humane Society President Wayne Pacelle because Vick was too busy working on another endorsement.  It was a short simple statement stating dog fighting is a dead-end street. 

Michael Vick could truly make a difference here…people would listen if he came out passionately about the horrors of dog fighting.  What if HE came out and talked about the true horrors of dogfighting and spoke about how it darkened his soul, and how he systematically killed and tortured dogs for pure pleasure and profit.  What if HE spoke about how a simple android game could promote a sickening criminal path for many disillusioned bored kids with nothing better to do.  Yeah…I know he speaks to a couple groups every once in awhile, but what if he spoke about THIS as passionately as he speaks about becoming MVP or winning Madden 2012?  The millions that voted for him might actually listen and be the ones that make a difference to Google and Cage games.  Where’s his voice???

I want him to cry the way “Dog the Bounty Hunter” does every time Dog preaches to one of his bail jumpers about how they need to get off drugs, or stop running, or whatever they are jumping bail for.  You can “feel” Dog’s compassion…that’s what I want to see in Vick.

I want to hear him THIS time loud and clear…I want him on every sports channel, news channel, and talk show.  I want to see a tear in his eye because he IS truly redeemed…I also want to be a rockin babe in my 20’s but that ain’t happening either.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m not letting Google off the hook either.  They were known as the cool innovative geeks that were brilliant, and start up companies inspired to be them.  Now they are just another Corporation that only sees the bottom line.  There silence is deafening…and telling…

Speak up now VICK and truly make a difference to the dog fighting game.  Put your redemption where your mouth is and use it….

Or are you too busy buying the new android game on line so you can secretly play without being sold out by one of your so-called friends…

Sign the petition to stop this game…



3 Responses

  1. Now i can’t stand Chris Rock. What A stupid fuckin statement. You rape my dog I will stick a pole up your ass. I feel bad for his dog…his master has not been enlightended about the spirit of dogs. What a shame.

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