I don’t know how to even post this…or if I’m sure I want to.  But identifying these SOB’s is the only way to bring  justice to the animals they torture and kill.  The video is probably one of the most disturbing to date.  I’ll be honest…I haven’t watched it yet…I can’t bring myself to do it.  But somehow we need to use social networking as a tool to identify these killers and then bring “justice” to them.  Some people blame social networking for giving these killers the platform and notoriety they crave.  It’s evidently the only way these losers and soulless creatures can find any purpose to their life.

So…let’s use “their” platform to bring them justice and increase animal cruelty laws to make it punishable by no less than ten years in jail…mandatory….and with any luck…these pieces of shit will get exactly what they deserve in prison…with “Bubba” or “Tiny.”

There has been an uprising about animal cruelty charges being too lenient since Patrick’s story emerged.  Kish Curtis will appear in court on May 6 and some say she will take a plea.  It remains to be seen what her sentence will be.  But the entire country is watching…and if she gets off lightly or with any kind of plea deal…we are giving any other abusers more ammunition to gain their notoriety without harsh penalty.

And let me make one more thing clear…the killers in the following video are no more sick and twisted than Michael Vick has been for the last twenty years of his life.   He gained “just” as much pleasure in mutilating dogs as these sick POS‘s displayed in the video.  He would have continued these atrocities if he would not have been caught. 

Once again…it is the likes of Curtis, Vick and the killers in the video that make this world hard to live in…hard to imagine that anybody could do this type of thing to any living creature…as the beaten cling for compassion from their own abusers, hoping for some kind of reprieve.

Here’s what we can do…send this video and any others to your law enforcement agencies when it can be determined the region in which it was created.  Pass this and any other torture video to Senators and Congressmen and let them know we have had enough leniency when it comes to this type of abuse.  We can vote them out…we can make a stand…we can make a change.

Do it for this puppy in the video…for Patrick and all the Vick Dogs…and for any other torture video surfing the web right now because they don’t believe we care enough to find them…



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  2. The lead-up to Christmas is a critical time for puppy farmers who rely on impulse purchasing at pet shops in order to profit. We can stop the puppy trade by not buying puppies from pet shops and showing others why they should do the same.

    So please click onto this link, we need the hits! and please watch the video!


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