Today is the day…Kisha Curtis appeared in court and plead not guilty.

Kisha Curtis is charged with two fourth-degree offenses for “tormenting and torturing” an animal. She also faces two abandonment charges.

In court today, Assistant Essex County Prosecutor Cheryl Cucinello told Judge Joseph Cassini III she would present an evaluation of the evidence to a grand jury within two weeks.

Curtis, who appeared in court wearing a red top, blue jeans and sneakers, did not speak at the roughly 20-minute hearing, officially a plea disposition conference.

During an interview with a local news station, Curtis commented on how she did nothing to starve Patrick and “only” tethered him in the hallway when she moved away.  She stated she only had Patrick for two days when she decided to leave him, and he was thin but not emaciated. She also reportedly told Security Guard Mark Ortman that she could no longer take care of him, she also claims Ortman set her up when he notified her after Patrick was discovered, and told her nothing would happen if she came back and claimed the dog.  Not only is she an abuser…but she is also not very smart.  Mark Ortman will have his own statement regarding Curtis’s allegations. She also denies throwing him down the garbage chute and fears for her life.

She claims she has had threats against her and has also been referred to as Ms. Vick.  Yep…that’s right…you’re both made of the same mold…void of a soul…compassion…or anything else that makes us human.   I think I’ve even called you worse…although being referred to as Ms. Vick is pretty damaging.

It remains to be seen how serious the prosecutors are in setting an example for abusers everywhere….


14 Responses

  1. Hope you rot in hell you fucking piece of shit! What about Patricks safety? Fuck your safety! Have fun in jail Ms. Vick!

  2. Well of course she should fear for her life. I am sure very many people would love to throw her a beating.
    I am not sure if this is true but I have read she has children and child services were called a few times.
    her door was broken off the hinges ( who would leave their children living in a place without a door./)

    Also the guard had called ACO before about patrick but he got nowhere ( who hasn’t gotten anywhere with animal control).

    I hate this bitch but I think she will get off and scate and continue to freeload off the welfare system with us footing the bill. These types know how to work the system and I am sure she will the court system too.
    If it were you or I ( hard working people that cause no trouble) in trouble we would be up a creek. We would have to do the perp walk in front of all the protesters. ( of course we would never be in such a situation). Kisha just takes the back way out with the help of the court.

  3. The security guard’s name is Mark Ortman, not Mark Laurent.

  4. This is why there should be NO PETS ALLOWED in government subsidized public housing. People living on extremely fixed incomes cannot possibly provide adequate care for pets. Oh, by the way, how does ADMITTED PORN WORKER Ms. Kisha Curtis; living in government housing have the funds for those ratty hair weaves and VACATIONS!?!?!?!? Along with her animal atrocities, she workin the system big time. ATTENTION: Ms.Curtis’s caseworker….WAKE UP!

  5. My god have mercy on your soul. More mercy than you showed this animal.

  6. If Miss Kisha/Kiesha is not guilty of these charges,then so are Michael Vick and Cheyenne Cherry. This woman certainly looks like she eats regularly but feeding her dog was for her the lowest priority. Ignore an innocent animal to a near torturous death, live in government section 8 housing, receive welfare benefits, food stamps, medicaid, a public defender to attempt to defend her sorry ass against the indefensible, and with the tragically inadequate animal protection laws, this evil bitch may get a “slap on the wrist” and be permitted to own another animal. In every state in our nation; it should be a FELONY [ with mandated prison time] to abuse,neglect or abandon an animal.

  7. i think being fed to the lions would be appropriate here…..only they would probably spit her nasty ass back out!!!!!!

  8. She is saying “what about me, what about my safety” are you kidding me. Kisha Curtis you are an evil scum bag ghetto trash BITCH. I hope you rot in jail and some bull dike treats you like the piece of shit that you are. If I had my way, I would throw your ass to starving pigs. No one gives a shit about you….the world would be a better place without you and people like you in it.

  9. Evil , ugly inside and out skank. You are vick`s type hmm?
    I hope your lying ass gets the maximum sentence possible,and I pray your children are put in a good home and kept away from you forever.

  10. I loathe inhumane acts and those who commit them, but I think the Patrick Movement should focus more on saving lives and less on encouraging Patrick supporters to threaten and taunt Kisha Curtis. I doubt the threats and taunts are helping the prosecution. I suspect the bashing may be helping her defense. I would hate to see her acquitted or given a light punishment because of the “punishment” she is receiving from Patrick supporters.

    Long live Patrick and the Patrick Movement!

    • Well I understand where you are coming from but there are so many horrible abuse cases. The offenders rarely get punished with any jail time. The number of animal burnings, starvings, stabbings, hits with hammers and other blunt heavy objects and the perp walks with a 300 dollar fine and 30 hours of service. What you are seeing is not so much a plan to harass keisha but more of a reaction out of frustration.

      The only justice many feel Patrick will get is an outcry from the public and not from our court system. The jail time is there, the heavy fines are there but so rarely enforced. What else can the public do. ( I know fight for better laws) In the meantime what can the public do? Only vent their rage , and keisha is a picture of what is so very wrong with our society and the treatment of abused animals

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