photo by Caters News Agency

It doesn’t just happen here…animal abuse and neglect is worldwide.  Of course we knew that…but here’s a reminder.

A puppy was left for dead and dumped into a “wheelie dumpster” (that must be what they call them in the UK)  in Congleton Chestire East. 

The four month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier had either been hit by a car or severely beaten, and had suffered a broken leg, with a severe eye injury.

Along comes Duke the Boxer…his owner had pulled up beside the dumpster and she let the Boxer out…I guess to do his business….maybe that’s what you do in the UK….but who cares at this point because the Boxer heard Earl whimpering and went to the dumpster.  Jane Walsh approached the dumpster and lifted the lid. 

 ‘I lifted the lid and saw something move,’ she said.

‘I thought it must be a rat at first and put the lid down.

‘Then I opened it again and saw this huge, swollen and bloody eye on a tiny face.’ 

Walsh immediately called her partner Shaun Wood and he was able to life the wounded pup from the dumpster.

Earl has undergone surgery on both his eye and leg and is recuperating at the Blue House veterinary Service in Biddulph (No, I don’t know where any of these places are, but it still makes a great rescue story).

Here’s the really really good news…Walsh took Duke the Boxer to meet Earl the Pit Bull and they hit it off beautifully…so of course Walsh plans on adopting Earl and giving him the loving home he deserves.

Don’t ya just love a happy ending?


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1378787/Puppy-beaten-left-dead-wheelie-bin-saved-boxer-dog-heard-whimpering.html#ixzz1LfVeBqd1


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